Setting up the Wemo Smart Light Switch, F7C030


Setting up the Wemo® Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch, F7C030 requires two procedures:

  1. Installation of the Wemo Light Switch to the electrical line
  2. Wemo App and Wemo Light Switch Setup

Installation of the Wemo Light Switch to the electrical line

It only takes a few minutes to set up your Wemo Light Switch.  If you are unable to identify which is a load wire and a line wire, or is unfamiliar or uncomfortable with electrical work, please call a professional electrician.
IMPORTANT:  If you are located in Australia, Australian law requires that Wemo Light Switch be installed by a professional electrician such as Jim’s Electrical.  To learn more, visit

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Electrical Installation Requirements

  • A Neutral wire (requires all three AC electrical connections at the wall switch)
  • A single pole light switch (not compatible with lights controlled by more than one switch)

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  • The light switch box must be 2 inches deep

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IMPORTANT:  The Wemo Light Switch is not designed to work with metal faceplates because they interfere with the Wi-Fi signal.  It is recommended to use the light switch for residential and dry indoor locations only.

Once these electrical requirements are complete, proceed with the electrical installation instructions below.

Step 1:  Shut OFF the power at the circuit breaker for the switch you are replacing.  You may need to shut OFF more than one circuit breaker/switch to make sure the switch you're working on is powered OFF.


Step 2:  Unscrew and disconnect the wires from the old switch using a screw driver.

Step 3:  Identify the wires on your Wemo Light Switch.

  • Switch (Live/Load) wires - On this light switch, the Switch wires are the two black wires.  Every light switch will have both of these wires.  But they could be either red or black in color.
  • Neutral wire - The Wemo Light Switch requires this wire, but isn't always present in your electrical wiring at home.  If present, the neutral wire is normally found within the wall box with a wire nut on top of it.
  • Ground wire - If present, it should be plugged into the top of the light switch here.  It's normally green or copper in color.  Don't worry if you can't find the ground wire, Wemo Light Switch doesn't require one.


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NOTE:  For more details, see Wiring your Wemo® Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch, F7C030.

Step 4:  Install the Wemo Light Switch.  Connect each of the two black wires from the Wemo Light Switch to the available Switch (Live/Load) wires.  In case you found more than one wire, just place them into the wire nut.

NOTE:  The wire nut is the cap-like object connecting the wires.

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Step 5:  If you have a Ground wire (optional), disconnect it from the old switch and connect it to the green wire on the Wemo Light Switch.

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Step 6:  Unscrew the wire nut that is holding together the existing Neutral wires.  Connect the white wire from the Wemo Light Switch to the outlet's exposed Neutral wires.  Securely screw them together inside the wire nut.

IMPORTANT:  Wrap electrical tape around the wire nuts to make sure the copper conductor is fully concealed.

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Step 7:  Screw in the Wemo Light Switch and attach the faceplate.  Push all the wires back into the wall box and try to allow as much space for the switch as possible.  Align the two screw terminals and screw in the Wemo Light Switch.  Attach the faceplate.

NOTE:  Belkin discourages using metal faceplates as they may interfere with your Wi-Fi signal.

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Step 8:  Turn the power back ON at your circuit breaker. 

QUICK TIP:  To verify that the Wemo Light Switch has been successfully installed to your electrical line, manually switch it ON.

You have now installed the Wemo Light Switch to your electrical line.
IMPORTANT:  If you have electrical concerns, please call a professional electrician and do not try to do it by yourself.


 Wemo App and Wemo Light Switch Setup

Before setting up the Wemo Light Switch with the Wemo App, make sure you have the following:
  • A Wemo Light Switch that is already installed to your electrical line and is functioning.
  • Active Wi-Fi and internet connection.
  • The Wi-Fi name and password of your router.  To know how to get them, click here.
  • An iOS 9.0 device or higher; or an Android™ 4.4 device or higher.

Once these requirements are complete, proceed with the instructions below.

Step 1:  Download and install the Wemo App on your mobile device from the App Store® if you are using an iOS device or from Google Play™ if you are using an Android device.

Step 2:  Enable the Wi-Fi feature of your mobile device and make sure it is connected to your Wi-Fi.  This is required to ensure no error is encountered upon installation.

NOTE:  If you have a dual-band router, Wemo can only connect to your 2.4 GHz band.

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Step 3:  Look for the Wi-Fi Name of the Wemo Light Switch.  The default name for your Wemo Light Switch is

NOTE:  If you have multiple Wemo devices, connect to the one with the same Wemo ID at the back of the device.  The Wemo ID is the word WeMo, followed by Wemo model, and then three alphanumeric characters.  Once connected to the Wi-Fi, look for the Wi-Fi Name of the Wemo Light Switch and tap it to connect your device.

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QUICK TIP:  If the Wemo Light Switch does not show up in the Wi-Fi search, you can try setting it up with your mobile device near the Wemo Light Switch.  Alternatively, you can press the Reset button on the faceplate of the light switch.  For step-by-step reset instructions, click here.

Step 4:  Once connected to the Wemo Light Switch, launch the Wemo App.  Then, on the Let's get started! screen, tap NEXT.

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Step 5:  Enter your email address then tap NEXT.

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Step 6:  Select your Wi-Fi name and enter your password.

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Wait while the Wemo App connects to your Wi-Fi.

NOTE:  Observe the light indicators of your Wemo Light Switch.  Click here to know about light behaviors.


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QUICK TIP:  If the Wemo encounters difficulty connecting to the Wi-Fi, try refreshing your mobile device’s Wi-Fi and try connecting again.  If that doesn't work, click here for more troubleshooting tips.

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The Remote Access Enabled message will then pop up.  By default, this feature is enabled.

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Step 7:  When the Wemo Light Switch setup is complete, the Wemo App will look for devices.  If you have multiple Wemo devices, the Wemo App will display all these.  You should see the Wemo Light Switch on the list.

NOTE:  If your Wemo device is not detected by the Wemo App, click here for troubleshooting instructions.

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QUICK TIP:  You can customize the Name, Device Picture, and Reset Options of your Wemo Light Switch by tapping the pencil icon and then selecting the Wemo Light Switch.

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You should now have successfully installed the Wemo Light Switch with the Wemo App.  With the Wemo App, you can create different rules for your Wemo Light Switch.  To learn how, click here.

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