Wiring your Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch, F7C030

Electrical wirings should be done by a professional electrician. If you are having trouble wiring the Wemo® Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch, F7C030, we suggest that you contact a licensed electrician to:
  • Identify, cut or trim wires.
  • Install the neutral wire (REQUIRED).  It may be dangerous or illegal to install if the neutral wire is not available.
  • Make sure you have a single pole light switch that is 2 inches deep.

IMPORTANT:  Do not attempt to install the Wemo Light Switch if you are not familiar with electrical wirings.  If you are unable to identify a load wire from a line wire, it is highly recommended to leave the installation to professionals.  If you are located in Australia, Australian law requires that the Wemo Light Switch be installed by a professional electrician such as Jim’s Electrical.  To learn more, visit www.jimselectrical.com.au.
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The Wemo Light Switch requires the following wiring to function properly:
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Wiring Tip 1:  Don't take shortcuts when wiring
Jamming the wrong wires together could cause your Wemo Light Switch to malfunction.
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Wiring Tip 2:  Keep the right wires together
Your Wemo Light Switch may have multiple wires attached to the light switch terminals and multiple wires for the neutral.  Keep all the wires together as if they were a single wire.
NOTE:  If you can't get all the wires into the supplied wire nut, you may need to buy a larger wire nut from your local hardware store.

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Wiring Tip 3:  Removing a crimp
Sometimes electricians use a crimp to connect wires instead of a wire nut.  These can be difficult to remove.  Most likely, you can remove the crimp by using pliers, but you may need to cut all the wires going into it, strip them and add a wire nut to connect the wires.
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Wiring Tip 4:  The neutral wire is not cut
You may find that the neutral wire is not cut.  Check to see if there's enough slack in the wire to pull it out from the box slightly.  If there isn't – do not cut the wire.
If there is enough slack in the wire:

Step 1:  Cut the neutral wire in half and strip the ends of the wire.
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Step 2:  Combine the wires with the neutral wire from the Wemo Light Switch and join together with a wire nut.
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Wiring Tip 5:  The wall opening should be wide enough
In some cases you may need to use a knife or chisel to trim back the dry wall to install the Wemo Light Switch.
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