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Best screen protectors for iPhone, Samsung, iPad and MacBook. Protect your device and enhance your experience with privacy filter and blue light protection. Free standard shipping. Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Designed in California | Belkin story of design and quality.
Innovative Design

Thoughtfully crafted aesthetics.

Experience our award-winning Screen Protection System, exclusively at Apple stores globally and Verizon locations nationwide, that ensures a flawless application every time.

Our latest Easy Align tray is crafted entirely from 100% recycled PET (rPET), showcasing our steadfast commitment to sustainability without compromising on quality.


Unmatched performance.

Engineered by the best-in-class glass manufacturer Schott, our double-ion exchange technology boosts durability and strength without compromising on thickness or transparency.

At an ultra-thin 0.29mm, UltraGlass 2 is 2.7 times stronger than traditional tempered glass, making it a market leader in the perfect blend of durability and sleek design.

Safety and Reliability

Safe by design.

From steel ball drop to scratch and thermal tests at our El Segundo headquarters, our engineers ensure impeccable standards for reliability through a 20-step testing process.

Screen Protectors FAQ

Sometimes bubbles can be the result of dust particles on your phone screen. We recommend applying your screen protector in a clean area and using the enclosed dust sticker to remove dust before applying the screen protector. After protector is applied, used the enclosed microfiber cloth to push air bubbles out towards the edge of the screen. 

Carefully use the edge of a car key to lift the screen protector from your phone. 

The best screen protector is a lithium alumino-silicate glass screen protector, better known as Belkin UltraGlass. UltraGlass is the thinnest and strongest screen protector on the market.

Yes, a screen protector protects your screen from daily impact and contact. 

Yes, tempered glass screen protectors really work. 

This varies by user but on average a screen protector will last 3-6 months.

Glass screen protectors are better because they offer a stronger barrier of protection compared to plastic. 

To remove a glass screen protector, carefully use the edge of a car key to lift the screen protector from your phone.

To remove a tempered glass screen protector, carefully use the edge of a car key to lift the screen protector from your phone.

A good screen protector should not affect the touch sensitivity.

Yes, privacy screen protectors work at night.

No, privacy screen protectors are visually safe and do not hurt your eyes.

Belkin cleaning wipes are perfect to clean your screen protector without causing damage.