Belkin US Products Returns and Replacements FAQs

What should I do if I want to return my product?

Belkin warrants that our products are free from defects in materials and workmanship. If after verifying you found out that your Belkin product is defective and requires replacement, you may contact us through our Technical Support line. For purchases, you may view your order history and continue the process.

Do I need to include the box, manual, disk, and power adapter when returning a product?While this could vary depending on the product and claim, we suggest you send everything that originally came in the box. Also, you need to include the receipt as proof of purchase and a copy of your claim.
Are there any benefits to having a account?

With your account, you can manage and process the following information:

  • Your account information
  • Your active orders 
  • Your order history
  • You can process a return
  • You can process a refund
  • Your wish lists
  • Your email subscriptions
  • Your shipping and billing addresses
How do I get support?Belkin gives you several ways to get your questions answered. Get in touch with us today.
Is there a way I can learn more about Belkin?At Belkin, we make people-inspired products and solutions. For nearly 30 years, it has been our passion and our mission to create products that make lives better, easier, and more fulfilling. Get to know more about Belkin today. 
What does "Lifetime" refer to in Belkin's Lifetime Warranty?When we say "lifetime warranty", we are referring to the life of the product, not the life of the buyer or any other individual. Over time, products will become worn and obsolete and materials and parts will wear down or may become unusable due to advances in technology. A lifetime product warranty, therefore, means that the product, over its reasonable life span, will work the way it is supposed to under normal conditions and use. Taking all of these factors into account, we have determined that the reasonable life span of this product is five years from the date of your purchase of the product.

Please be assured that support for Belkin products remains available through the existing Belkin support channels and that we will continue to honor all valid warranties for Belkin products.

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