Wemo Smart Light Switch, F7C030 Frequently Asked Questions




1.  What is the Wemo Smart Light Switch, F7C030?
The Wemo® Smart Light Switch, F7C030 is a device that replaces your wall light switch and allows you to control room lights using the Wemo App for smartphones.
The Wemo Light Switch also allows you to do the following:
  • Create Rules to turn your lights ON or OFF at specific times of the day or based on sunset/sunrise schedules
  • Turn your lights ON before you arrive home using your internet-connected smartphone (so you don’t come home to a dark house)
  • Check the status of your lights from anywhere

NOTE:  To know more about the features and specifications of the Wemo Light Switch, click here.
2.  What are the parts of the Wemo Light Switch?
  • Wi-Fi Reset/Power Restart button – located at the bottom of the switch
  • Nightlight Indicator Light – to make it easy to find in the dark
  • Three Power terminals + One Ground – this is compatible with single pole switches only
  • Wi-Fi Status Indicator – indicates Wi-Fi activity  
3.  What is the warranty period of the Wemo Light Switch?
The Wemo Light Switch has a standard 1-year limited warranty for hardware support (including phone support).
4.  What wireless standards and frequencies are supported by the Wemo Light Switch?
The Wemo Light Switch supports the 2.4 GHz frequency of 801.11n.

5.  What are included in the Wemo Light Switch package?
The package includes:
  • One Wemo Light Switch
  • One faceplate
  • Four wire nuts
  • One quick install guide
6.  Is it dimmable?

No, the Wemo Light Switch is not dimmable.

7.  Does the Wemo Light Switch support fluorescent lights?

Yes.  The Wemo Light Switch can work with incandescent, halogen, CFL, fluorescent, and LED lighting with no minimum wattage required.

8.  Can I turn ON/OFF the Wemo Light Switch manually?

Yes, simply push the switch to toggle.

9.  Can I use this product with 220V?

No, the Wemo Light Switch has an electrical requirement of maximum 600W Incandescent or 1800W Resistive at 120V AC.

NOTE:  Wemo Light Switch released in Australia supports up to 240V.

10.  What are the system requirements for Wemo Light Switch?

The system requirements for the Wemo Light Switch are:
  • Wi-Fi router
  • Max 1800W, ½ HP at 120V AC
  • Neutral wire
  • The latest Wemo App downloaded from the App Store® or Google Play™
NOTE:  Devices available in Australia have Max 2400W, 240V.

The Wemo Light Switch also has these features:
  • Replaces single pole switch
  • Not compatible with 3-way (multi-location control) switches
  • Works with your existing single/double/multi-switch rocker-style plates
  • Not designed to work with metal faceplates

11.  What are the wires of the Wemo Light Switch made of?

All wires are made of UL-certified 16 AWG copper.

12.  What are the maximum and minimum operating temperatures for my Wemo?

Based on the ambient air temperature of the location the Wemo is at, it could have a minimum operating temperature of -10
°C / 14°F and a maximum of 40°C / 104°F.

13.  What is the standby power usage of this device?
This device uses less than 3W in standby mode.  It also uses the same amount of power when it is not idle such as when it is activated, triggered or performing a command.


1.  What is the Wi-Fi signal requirement received at the location of the Wemo Light Switch?

Before setting up the Wemo Light Switch, make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal where you will be placing it.  Hold your smartphone up to the switch and check the status bar which should have at least two or more signal bars.

2.  How do I set up my Wemo Light Switch?
For detailed setup requirements of the Wemo Light Switch, click here.  For instructions on how to set up the Wemo Light Switch, click here.

3.  What are Rules and how do I create them using the Wemo App?

Rules are schedules that allow you to automate tasks for your Wemo device like the Wemo Light Switch.  You can create Rules that set the time when to turn ON/OFF your Wemo device automatically.  To know how to create Rules using a mobile device, click here.

4.  What should I do if the Light Switches in my house do not have neutral wire installed? 

A neutral wire is required in wiring your Wemo Light Switch for it to function properly.  It may be dangerous or illegal to install if the neutral wire is not available.

5.  Will Wemo Light Switch work in a 3-way compatible switch and a dimmer?
The Wemo Light Switch doesn’t have a dimmer and it is not compatible with a 3-way multi-location control switch.
6.  What should I do if I’m having trouble wiring my Wemo Light Switch?
Electrical wirings are best done by a professional electrician so it is highly recommended to consult one.  For more information, click here.
7.  Does the Wemo Light Switch support Apple® HomeKit™?
The Wemo Light Switch does not support Apple HomeKit due to its hardware limitations.  If you want to connect the Wemo Light Switch to the Apple Home app, you can use the Wemo Bridge, F7C074.  The device serves as a bridge between the Apple Home app and Wemo devices; and enables Wemo devices to be managed by Siri® Voice Control using an iPhone®, iPad® or Apple Watch®.  For steps on how to set up the Wemo Bridge with the Apple Home app, click here.

1.  How do I update the firmware of the Wemo Light Switch?

When firmware updates are available, an alert will be displayed on the Wemo App to update the Wemo device to the latest firmware.  Click here to learn how to update your firmware.

1.  How do you reset the Wemo Light Switch?
There are two ways to reset the device depending on the scenario:
Scenario 1:  You did not upgrade the firmware upon installation or setup of the Wemo Light Switch.
Procedure:  Press and hold the Restart and the Reset buttons together for 5 seconds, then release.  This will clear all data, icon, name, Rules, and Wi-Fi settings.
Scenario 2:  You performed the firmware upgrade upon installation or setup of the Wemo Light Switch.
Procedure:  Hold the Reset button down for 5 seconds and it will reset your Wi-Fi settings.
NOTE:  To reset your Wemo device to factory default settings, you need to restore it through the Reset Factory Settings option in the Wemo App.
QUICK TIP:  Restarting or resetting your Wemo Light Switch is easy with its dedicated Reset and Restart buttons.  To know more on how to restart or reset the Wemo Light Switch, click here.
2.  What should I do if the Wemo is not detected when the smart device is connected to the 5 GHz band?
The Wemo Light Switch does not support the 5 GHz frequency band.  As a workaround, switch the connection of your mobile device to the 2.4 GHz frequency band.
3.  What should I do if the Wi-Fi name of my Wemo Light Switch is not broadcasting?
If your Wemo Light Switch is not broadcasting any Wi-Fi name, you have to reset the device.  To learn how to properly reset your Wemo Light Switch to its factory default settings, click here.
4.  What should I do when the Wemo Light Switch Wi-Fi name is not detected by the Android™ or iOS smartphone during setup?
Press the Restart button for 1 second and then release it.  When the Wi-Fi indicator light begins to blink green, immediately press and hold the Reset button for 5 seconds.  The Wemo Light Switch Wi-Fi light will blink orange rapidly, indicating a successful restore.
5.  I already installed the Wemo Light Switch but it is still not working.  What should I do?
Here are some troubleshooting steps you can do:
  • Make sure that you have all the requirements when setting up the Wemo Light Switch.  A list of requirements can be found here.
  • Manually reset the Wemo Light Switch and perform the setup again.  To manually reset the device, press the Restart button and hold the Reset button down for 5 seconds.
NOTE:  If you still encounter issues with Wemo devices, click here.
6.  Can my Wemo App control Wemo devices in different homes (on multiple networks)?
No.  Currently, a smartphone/tablet can only control the Wemo units in one location.  To control Wemo devices in multiple locations, you will need a smartphone/tablet for each location.

7.  Where can I download the Wemo App?
The Wemo App is automatically saved on your device’s Home screen.  If you can’t find the Wemo App there, tap the Settings icon and scroll up or down to look for the Wemo App.  If you’re using an Android device, tap Settings > Apps > Downloaded to find the Wemo App.
 8.  What should I do if I have multiple WAP environments?
If you have several Wireless Access Points at home, make sure your Wemo devices are connected to the same network.  Otherwise, you won’t be able to connect to your device.
9.  What should I do if I experience intermittent Wi-Fi?
Test your Wi-Fi by setting up your Wemo device near your router.  Make sure that no device or furniture and other forms of obstructions interfere with your Wemo devices and router’s connection.  For more troubleshooting tips on how to resolve intermittent connection, click here.
QUICK TIP:  Most routers have a maximum number of devices that can be connected.  This may cause other devices to drop off the Wi-Fi connection or limit the number of Wemo devices that can connect.  Check your router’s specifications for more information.
10.  What should I do if Remote Access failed?
To adjust Remote Access settings, you must be within the range of your home Wi-Fi.  If you’re having trouble connecting to your Wemo devices via Remote Access, there are a couple of ways to resolve this:
  • Navigate to the More tab in the Wemo App and make sure that Remote Access is enabled.
  • Verify if your smart device has strong internet connection (3G).
  • Restart your smart device.
11.  What should I do if my Wemo is set to turn ON at sunset and it is not changing?
If you set the start time using sunset, you also need to set the end time.  Wemo Rules run continuously and it will not switch OFF by itself unless you set the end time.
12.  After leaving my home, my lights do not appear in the list of Wemo devices.  What should I do?
Remote Access allows you to control your Wemo devices even though you’re away from home using your smart device.  However, there are instances when you are unable to see your device while using Remote Access.  To know what to do if you encounter such issue, click here.  
13.  Can the Wemo Light Switch be controlled by more than one smartphone?
Controlling your Wemo devices is not just limited to one device. 

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