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Belkin International places a high value on security of its networking products. For many people, their home Wi-Fi router is the only barrier between their home network and a multitude of hostile internet threats intent on taking over their devices.

To protect our user’s privacy and security, Belkin is happy to accept all vulnerability reports that adhere to our coordinated vulnerability disclosure guidelines.


  • Belkin routers, range extenders, keyboards, and other networked devices
  • Linksys routers, range extenders, Wi-Fi dongles, switches, and other networked devices
  • WeMo home automation switches, light bulbs, cameras, and other networked devices


Any services or systems that are hosted by third party providers or Belkin International owned property, services be it physical or intellectual. This includes and is may not only limited to:

  •,, and web endpoints
  • WeMo Cloud
  • Linksys Smart Wi-Fi web and cloud endpoints
  • Social Engineering and Phishing attacks against Belkin employees, contractors, customers, or support


If you need help finding your Wi-Fi password or believe your router has been hacked, please contact Technical support below:



Please click here to submit your vulnerability.


After receiving your vulnerability report, the Belkin security team will review your report and commission a fix to our remediation team. After Belkin publishes the fix for the affected SKUs listed in your report, Belkin will give the green light to disclose the vulnerability.

We ask that all coordinated vulnerability disclosures contain the following information:

  • A link to the firmware download page containing the fixed firmware
  • A sentence or two in either the title of the disclosure or in the first few paragraphs confirming that a fix for the vulnerability is available
  • Accurate representation of the attack details per the CVSSv3 guidelines (LAN-only attacks are “Local” not “Remote”, etc.)


To encourage a healthy working relationship with the security research community, Belkin promises not to engage in legal action against individuals who:

  • Report vulnerabilities while following the guidelines set by Belkin's Vulnerability Disclosure Program.
  • Engage in vulnerability testing within the scope listed above.
  • Perform security tests on their own Belkin products.
  • Perform security tests on Belkin products with the consent of the owner of the product.