Resetting or Restoring the Wemo® Smart LED Bulb, F7C033

If the Wemo® Smart LED Bulb, F7C033 were previously connected to a Wi-Fi® or paired to the Wemo Link and you need to reconfigure, you will need to reset these Lightbulbs so they can get detected again during the setup process. This article will teach you how to manually reset a Lightbulb.

Before proceeding with the steps below, take note of the following:
  • There is no option to reset the Lightbulbs by group. The group may still be broken once you attempt to set up the Wemo again. Ungroup the Lightbulbs to successfully reset the Lightbulbs to factory default.
  • Removal of Lightbulbs on the Wemo cloud is only necessary if you're planning to leave the Lightbulbs unplugged for an extended period of time, and doesn't want the cloud reporting the status Not Detected
1. Start with the Wemo LED Lightbulb being in the ON position.
2. Turn it OFF for second.
3. Turn it ON for 3-4 seconds.
4. Turn it OFF for second.
5. Turn it ON for 3-4 seconds.
6. Turn it OFF for second.

7. Turn it ON and leave it as it is.  After about seconds, the Lightbulb will flash which shows a successful reset.
If you try the reset steps again, the Lightbulb will NOT flash. A Lightbulb that has been reset will NOT flash again after another reset.

IMPORTANT: Once you have successfully reset the Lightbulb, you will only have minutes to pair it to a Wemo Link. If you do not pair the Lightbulb back to the Wemo Link during this time, it will only work as a regular Lightbulb, and you will need to perform the reset steps again.

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