Removing a Lightbulb from a group on the Wemo® App

Removing a Lightbulb or multiple Lightbulbs from the group does not delete its settings from the Wemo® App.  It just removes it from the group.  The Grouping feature allows you to manage multiple bulbs at the same time.  This article will teach you how how to remove or delete one or multiple bulbs from the group using the Wemo App.

To learn how to group Lightbulbs using the Wemo App, click here.

QUICK TIP:  You can hide inactive Wemo devices so they do not show on the Devices screen on the Wemo App.  To do this, press the inactive device for 1 to 2 seconds then a prompt will appear giving you the option to hide it from the Devices screen.

Before proceeding with the steps below, take note of the following:
  • Wemo App images may vary depending on the device (iOS or Android™) being used.  
  • You need to have a minimum of two bulbs to use the Group feature. 
  • Thought you won't find an option called Grouping in the Wemo App, you can simply drag a bulb and hover over another bulb or an existing group.
  • You can have up to eight bulbs in a group.
Step 1:  Launch the Wemo App and wait until it detects your registered devices.

Step 2:  Tap the pencil icon to edit.
User-added image
Step 3:  Tap on the group you want to remove a bulb from.  In the example below, Lighting Group was selected.
User-added image

Step 4:  On the page that opens, go to the list of devices that contains the group.  Tap the minus (-) icon of the device you want to remove from the group.
User-added image 
NOTE:  If a group only consists of two bulbs, deleting one bulb from the list will remove the entire group. 
Step 5:  Once you see the Break Apart this group? prompt, click OK.
User-added image
Step 6:  Wait for the page to finish removing the bulb from the group.  
You should now have successfully removed or deleted a Lightbulb from a group.  

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