Restoring the Wemo® Link, F7C031

Restoring the Wemo® Link, F7C031 might be necessary if you encounter errors while using or setting up the device.  This article will guide you on how to properly perform the restore. 

IMPORTANT:  Before you begin restoring the Wemo Link, make sure you have already reset the Wemo Smart LED Bulbs first through the Wemo App.  This is to avoid losing the connection to the lightbulbs and following the temporary reset procedure for each lightbulb.  To know how to reset the Wemo Smart LED Bulbs through the Wemo App, click here.
Step 1:  Unplug the Wemo Link.
Step 2:  Press the Restore button on the side panel and hold it down while plugging the Wemo Link into the power outlet.  Keep holding the button for 5 seconds.
Step 3:  Check your smartphone for the Wemo Link's default network name before you start the setup again.  This process will take approximately 3 minutes and 30 seconds.
NOTE:  The default name of the Wemo Link's network is, where xxx is the last three digits of the device’s serial number.  In this example, the Wemo Link’s network name is WeMo.Link.068.  If problems occur, click here for troubleshooting options.
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QUICK TIP:  Observe the light indicator of your Wemo Link during setup to understand more about the state of your device.  Click here to know about light behaviors.

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