Setting up the Wemo LED Lighting Starter Set, F5Z0489

The Wemo® LED Lighting Starter Set, F5Z0489 is a bundled set of two Wemo® Smart LED Bulbs, F7C033 and a Wemo Link, F7C031 plug-in hub.  To set up the kit components, same setup procedure as other Wemo devices will be done.

Perform the following:

Physical Setup
Wemo Smart LED Bulbs Setup
One of the major selling points of the Wemo line of products is the ability to control them anywhere you are in the world.  To learn more about Wemo Rules, click here.

Physical Setup
Step 1:  Plug in the Wemo Link in a central location in your home.
NOTE:  Using your smart device, be sure you have two bars of signal strength from your router at that location.
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Step 2:  Install or screw in the Wemo Smart LED Bulbs and turn the light switch ON.
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Wemo Smart LED Bulbs Setup
The setup consists of setting up your Wemo Link first.  Make sure your mobile device has an active internet connection.  

Step 1:  On your smart device, tap Settings > Wi-Fi >
NOTE:  The default Wi-Fi name or SSID of the Wemo Link has this format,  The xxx represents the last three digits of the serial number of the Wemo Link.
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NOTE:  In the image above, the Wemo Link’s SSID is WeMo.Link.068.
Step 2:  Launch the Wemo App.
NOTE:  You can download the free Wemo App from the App Store® for iOS devices or Google Play™ store for Android™ devices.
Step 3:  
It will scan for nearby Wi-Fi.  When prompted, select your home Wi-Fi.  Once it shows you’re connected, it will enable the Remote Access.  Tap OK.
NOTE:  The Remote Access enabled in your Wemo App allows you to access and control your Wemo Smart LED Bulbs from anywhere, using your existing home Wi-Fi and mobile internet.
Step 4:  The screen below will appear confirming the Wemo Link has been set up successfully.  Once your Wemo Link is set up, it then continues to set up your Wemo® Smart LED Bulbs which will link to your Wemo Link, not your wireless router.  Wait until it finishes scanning for Wemo Smart LED Bulbs. 
NOTE:  Make sure the lightbulbs are turned ON.
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QUICK TIP:  You can also set up one lightbulb at a time to check which lightbulb is which.  To do this, turn OFF all lightbulbs and only leave one ON at a time during scan.  Up to eight lightbulbs can be discovered during a scan and up to 50 lightbulbs can be linked to a Wemo Link.
IMPORTANT:  The Wemo Smart LED Bulbs must be on default settings, NOT paired to any other Wemo Link.  If the lightbulbs were previously connected to a Wi-Fi and you need to reconfigure, you will need to reset the lightbulbs so they can get detected again in this step.  To learn how to reset the Wemo Smart LED Bulbs manually, click here or reset the lightbulbs through the Wemo App by clicking here.
Step 5:  
Once the lightbulbs are detected, they will appear in the list with a checkmark.  Tap Add.  
NOTE:  By default, they will appear in order as detected by the name, Lightbulb 01, Lightbulb 02 and so on.  If you do not want to add a lightbulb, just tap the name to uncheck it.
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NOTE:  When a lightbulb has been detected, you will see it flash for a few seconds.
Step 6:  Tap on the name to rename these lightbulbs for you to determine which lightbulb is connected to a specific device.  Tap Done > Save.
NOTE:  You can skip and rename these lightbulbs at a later time if you want to.
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The lightbulbs that are linked to your Wemo Link will appear in the Devices tab. 
User-added image
You have now successfully set up your Wemo Smart LED Bulbs.

If a lightbulb is NOT being detected in the Devices tab:
  • Make sure the power source for that lightbulb is turned ON.
  • Close and re-open the Wemo App or end the process on it, and re-launch it or tap the Refresh icon on the App.
  • If the lightbulb is turned ON, you can run a scan again just in case the lightbulb is not linked to the Wemo Link.
  • If you created a group, check the group if the lightbulb is part of that group.  To know how to group Wemo Smart LED Bulbs, click here.  
  • If none of these steps help, you may need to reset that lightbulb and go through a scan again to set up the lightbulb.  To know how to reset the Wemo Smart LED Bulbs manually, click here or reset the lightbulbs through the Wemo App by clicking here.

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