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Belkin G Wireless Router, F5D7234-4 - Quick Help Guide

The Belkin G Wireless Router, F5D7234-4 is an ideal solution for your home or small office network with its advance features catering to all your networking needs.  It boasts versatility as it’s compatible with a variety of networking environments such as Mac OS® 9, Linux®, Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, and others.  Its web-based advanced user interface makes it easy to set up the router's advanced function through your web browser, and LED status indicators eliminate the need for advanced software to monitor your router's connectivity.  Security is also certain with the Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall equipped in the router, protecting you from a wide array of common hacker attacks.  It also uses Universal Plug and Play (UPnP®) technology offering operation with other UPnP-compliant applications.  These features offer a smooth and easy networking experience while browsing the internet. 

NOTE:   In the example below, the images for Belkin F5D7234-4 v1 and v3 are used.

Front Panel

(1) Modem LED
This LED lights in GREEN to indicate that your modem is connected properly to the Router.  It blinks rapidly when information is being sent over the port between the Router and the modem.
OFF:  Not connected to the modem
Solid Green:  Connected to the modem
Blinking Green:  Router is connecting to the ISP/indicates modem activity
(2) Power LED
When you turn ON the Router or restart it, a short period of time elapses while the Router boots up.
OFF:  Router is OFF
Solid Green:  Router is ready
(3) Security/WPS LED
OFF:  Wireless security is OFF
Solid Green:  Wireless security is ON
Blinking Green:  WPS sync in progress
(4) Wireless Network LED
OFF:  Wireless is OFF
Solid Green:  Wireless is ON
Blinking Green:  Indicates wireless activity
(5) Internet LED
This unique LED shows you when the Router is connected to the Internet.  When the light is OFF, the Router is NOT connected to the Internet.  When the light is blinking, the Router is attempting to connect to the Internet.  When the light is solid GREEN, the Router is connected to the Internet.   When using the “Disconnect after x minutes” feature, this LED becomes extremely useful in monitoring the status of your Router’s connection.
OFF:  Router is not connected to the Internet
Blinking Green:  Router is attempting to connect to the Internet
Solid Green:  Router is connected to the Internet
(6) Wired LEDs (1 – 2 – 3 – 4)
These LEDs are labeled 1–4 and correspond to the numbered ports on the rear of the Router.   When a computer is properly connected to one of the wired computer ports on the rear of the Router, the LED will light.  GREEN means a 10/100Base-T device is connected.  When information is being sent over the port, the LED blinks rapidly.
OFF:  No device is linked to the port
Solid Green:  10/100Base-T device connected
Blinking Green:  Port activity

Back Panel
User-added image
(7) Power Jack
Connect the included 9 V DC power supply to this jack.
(8) Connections to Computers (Wired Computer Ports) – Gray
Connect your wired (non-wireless) computers to these ports.  These ports are RJ45, 10/100 auto-negotiation, auto-uplinking ports for standard Unshielded twisted pair (UTP) category 5 or 6 Ethernet cable.  The ports are labeled 1 through 4.  These ports correspond to the numbered LEDs on the front of the Router.
(9) Connection to Modem (Modem Port) – Yellow
This port is for connection to your cable or DSL modem.  Use the cable that was provided with the Router to connect the modem to this port.  Use of a cable other than the cable supplied with the Router may not work properly.
(10) Reset Button
The Reset button is used in rare cases when the Router may function improperly.  Resetting the Router will restore the Router’s normal operation while maintaining the programmed settings.  To know more about the reset button, click here.  If you want to reset your router to factory default, click here.

If you have questions on how to set up, configure, update and connect devices to the Belkin F5D7234-4 router, click on the following links:

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Wireless Security Settings

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Updates/Downloads (Driver Firmware)

 Router Model
 Downloadable File

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