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Setting up the Wemo 3-Way Light Switch using your Android device

Before you begin setting up the Wemo® WiFi Smart 3-Way Light Switch, WLS0403 with the Wemo App, make sure you have the following:
  • The default Wemo Wi-Fi name.  The Wemo 3-Way Light Switch's Wi-Fi name is Wemo.LS3W.xxx (where xxx are the last three characters of the serial number). 
NOTE:  You can locate the last three characters of the serial number at the bottom of the Light Switch.  This will also help you identify one Wemo 3-Way Light Switch from the other (if you are setting up multiple Light Switches).
  • A Wemo 3-Way Light Switch that is already installed to your electrical line and is functioning.  For hardware installation tips, click here.
  • An Android™ device
  • The latest Wemo App available on the Google Play™
  • The Wemo 3-Way Light Switch is not designed to work with metal faceplates as these can interfere with the Wi-Fi signal.
  • The Wemo 3-Way Light Switch cannot replace a 4-way light switch.
  • If you are installing two Wemo 3-Way Light Switches on the same circuit to manage the same light, click here to learn more.
Once the above requirements are ready, you can proceed with the setup.
Step 1:  Make sure the Wemo 3-Way Light Switch’s indicator light is blinking blue (setup mode).
Step 2:  Launch the User-added image Wemo App then tap on Add a Wemo.
User-added image
NOTE:  You can also go to the More section by tapping the gear User-added image icon then tapping on Add a Wemo.
User-added image
Step 3:  Select Wemo Light Switch.
User-added image

Step 4:  Once prompted, select Wemo Light Switch 3-Way.
User-added image

Step 5:  Tap Yes, It’s Installed.
User-added image

Step 6:  Check the indicator light on your Wemo 3-Way Light Switch.  If it is blinking blue, tap the It’s Blinking Blue button on the Wemo App.

NOTE:  Tap on It’s not blinking blue and follow the on-screen instructions if the indicator light is not blinking blue.
User-added image
Step 7:  Tap on Open Wi-Fi Settings.
User-added image

Step 8:  Connect to your Wemo 3-Way Light Switch’s Wi-Fi name, and then go back to the Wemo App.  In the example below, Wemo.LS3W.065 is the Wi-Fi name used.
User-added image

QUICK TIP:  The last three digits of the Wemo Wi-Fi name are the last three characters of its serial number.
Step 9:  Is there another Wemo Light Switch on this circuit?
a.  Select Yes, there is another Wemo Light Switch on this circuit if you have another Wemo 3-Way Light Switch that you have installed on the same circuit.  
b.  Select No, this is the only Wemo Light Switch on this circuit if this is the only Wemo 3-Way Light Switch, or you have another Wemo 3-Way Light Switch, but it’s not installed on the same circuit.
User-added image
Step 10:  Give your Wemo device a name then tap NEXT at the bottom.
User-added image
Step 11:  If prompted, enter your email address then tap NEXT.
User-added image
Step 12:  Select and connect to your home Wi-Fi.
User-added image
Step 13:  Enter your Wi-Fi Password then tap Save.
User-added image
Step 14:  Wait for the Wemo App to connect and appear in the Devices section.
User-added image

You should now have completed the setup.

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