Wemo Light Switch Hardware Installation tips

The Wemo® WiFi Smart 3-Way Light Switch, WLS0403 and the Wemo Light Switch, WLS040 allows you to control your home lighting from the wall, through your phone using the Wemo App or through your voice when paired with the Apple® HomeKit™, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant™.  Below is a list of hardware installation tips before setting up the Wemo Light Switch.
IMPORTANT:  Do not attempt to install the Wemo Light Switch if you are not familiar with electrical wirings.  It is highly recommended to leave the installation to a professional electrician.

Tip 1:  Determine signal strength
Use your smartphone at the location where the Wemo Light Switch will be installed to determine the signal.

Tip 2:  Write down the Apple HomeKit code

Locate and write down the HomeKit code for setup purposes.  You can find the HomeKit code at/on:
  • The back of the Wemo Light Switch
  • The front panel of the Wemo Light Switch (remove faceplate to see the sticker)
  • The quick install guide, which you can use to scan
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Tip 3:  Write down the Wemo ID
Make sure to write down the Wemo ID which is Wemo.LS3W.xxx for the Wemo
WLS0403 and Wemo.LightV2.xxx for the Wemo WLS040 (where xxx is the last three digits of the serial number) located at the bottom of the Wemo Light Switch. 

NOTE:  Wemo ID is the same as Wemo name.

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Tip 4:  Turn OFF circuit breaker
If possible, power OFF the entire home.  If not, turn OFF the circuit breaker for the switch you are replacing but make sure to test that the power is OFF by using a voltage tester.
NOTE:  You may need to turn OFF more than one circuit breaker.  

Tip 5:  Check wires
Check your wires and remove the existing switch plate.  If you have a neutral wire, follow the quick setup installation steps found in the user guide to set up the Wemo Light Switch.  If you don’t have a neutral wire, DO NOT continue.
IMPORTANT:  Neutral wires are required to set up the Wemo Light Switch.

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