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Setting up the Wemo® LED Lighting Starter Set, F5Z0489

The Wemo® LED Lighting Starter Set, F5Z0489 is a bundled set of two Wemo® Smart LED Bulbs, F7C033 and a Wemo Link, F7C031 plug-in hub.  To set up the kit components, same setup procedure as other Wemo devices will be done.

Perform the following:
Physical Setup
Wemo® Smart LED Bulbs Setup

Physical Setup
Step 1:  Plug in the Wemo Link in a central location in your home.
NOTE:  Using your smart device, be sure you have two bars of signal strength from your router at that location.
User-added image
Step 2:  Install or screw in the Wemo® Smart LED Bulbs and turn the light switch ON.
User-added image

Wemo® Smart LED Bulbs Setup
The setup consists of setting up your Wemo Link first.  Make sure your mobile device has an active internet connection.  

Step 1:  On your smart device, tap Settings > Wi-Fi > WeMo.Link.xxx.
NOTE:  The default Wi-Fi® name or SSID of the Wemo Link has this format, WeMo.Link.xxx.  The xxx represents the last three digits of the serial number of the Wemo Link.
User-added image
NOTE:  In the image above, the Wemo Link’s SSID is WeMo.Link.068.
Step 2:  Launch the Wemo App.
NOTE:  You can download the free Wemo App from the App Store® for iOS devices or Google Play™ store for Android™ devices.
Step 3:  
It will scan for nearby Wi-Fi.  When prompted, select your home Wi-Fi.  Once it shows you’re connected, it will enable the Remote Access.  Tap OK.
NOTE:  The Remote Access enabled in your Wemo App allows you to access and control your Wemo® Smart LED Bulbs from anywhere, using your existing home Wi-Fi and mobile internet.
Step 4:  The screen below will appear confirming the Wemo Link has been set up successfully.  Once your Wemo Link is set up, it then continues to set up your Wemo® Smart LED Bulbs which will link to your Wemo Link, not your wireless router.  Wait until it finishes scanning for Wemo® Smart LED Bulbs. 
NOTE:  Make sure the lightbulbs are turned ON.
User-added image
QUICK TIP:  You can also set up one lightbulb at a time to check which lightbulb is which.  To do this, turn OFF all lightbulbs and only leave one ON at a time during scan.  Up to eight lightbulbs can be discovered during a scan and up to 50 lightbulbs can be linked to a Wemo Link.
IMPORTANT:  The Wemo® Smart LED Bulbs must be on default settings, NOT paired to any other Wemo Link.  If the lightbulbs were previously connected to a Wi-Fi and you need to reconfigure, you will need to reset the lightbulbs so they can get detected again in this step.  To learn how to reset the Wemo® Smart LED Bulbs manually, click here or reset the lightbulbs through the Wemo App by clicking here.
Step 5:  
Once the lightbulbs are detected, they will appear in the list with a checkmark.  Tap Add.  
NOTE:  By default, they will appear in order as detected by the name, Lightbulb 01, Lightbulb 02 and so on.  If you do not want to add a lightbulb, just tap the name to uncheck it.
User-added image
NOTE:  When a lightbulb has been detected, you will see it flash for a few seconds.
Step 6:  Tap on the name to rename these lightbulbs for you to determine which lightbulb is connected to a specific device.  Tap Done > Save.
NOTE:  You can skip and rename these lightbulbs at a later time if you want to.
User-added image
The lightbulbs that are linked to your Wemo Link will appear in the Devices tab. 
User-added image
You have now successfully set up your Wemo® Smart LED Bulbs.

If a lightbulb is NOT being detected in the Devices tab:
  • Make sure the power source for that lightbulb is turned ON.
  • Close and re-open the Wemo App or end the process on it, and re-launch it or tap the Refresh icon on the App.
  • If the lightbulb is turned ON, you can run a scan again just in case the lightbulb is not linked to the Wemo Link.
  • If you created a group, check the group if the lightbulb is part of that group.  To know how to group Wemo® Smart LED Bulbs, click here.  
  • If none of these steps help, you may need to reset that lightbulb and go through a scan again to set up the lightbulb.  To know how to reset the Wemo® Smart LED Bulbs manually, click here or reset the lightbulbs through the Wemo App by clicking here.

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