Grouping Lightbulbs on the Wemo App

The grouping feature on the Wemo App lets you simply drag a device and hover above another device or existing group - allowing you to manage multiple devices at the same time.  This article provides information on how to group your Wemo® Smart LED Bulb, F7C033 with another Lightbulb.

NOTE:  You will NOT find an option for grouping in the Wemo App. 

Before you begin, consider the following: 
  • There has to be a minimum of two Wemo devices to use the group feature. 
  • The maximum number of devices allowed in a group is eight.  
To learn how to use the grouping feature, follow the steps below:
Step 1:  
Launch the Wemo App
Step 2:  
On the Devices tab, tap the pencil icon.
User-added image
NOTE:  If you have the OSRAM LIGHTIFY™ Flex RGBW, OSRAM LIGHTIFY™ Gardenspot Mini RGB, and OSRAM LIGHTIFY™ Tunable White 60 Bulb, take note of the following:
  • The OSRAM LIGHTIFY™ Flex RGBW can ONLY be grouped with other Flex lights.
  • The OSRAM LIGHTIFY™ Gardenspot Mini RGB can ONLY be grouped with other Gardenspot lights.
  • The OSRAM LIGHTIFY™ Tunable White 60 Bulb can be grouped with ANY Wemo® LED Bulb or the OSRAM BR30 bulb.
Step 3:  Press and hold a Lightbulb by the User-added image icon, then drag it on top of another Lightbulb until you see a plus sign on top of the Lightbulb icon.
User-added image
Step 4:  Release the Lightbulb to form a group.

NOTE:  If you remove one
 Lightbulb in a group that has only two Lightbulbs, the group will also be removed.  To learn how to remove a Lightbulb from a group, click here.
Step 5:  The screen below will allow you to:
  • Turn ON/OFF and dim the lights
  • Apply sleep mode
  • Delete a Lightbulb from the group
User-added image
NOTE:  In the example above, the group name is Lighting Group.
You have now created a group using the grouping feature on the Wemo App.  The group should show a number on the icon indicating how many Lightbulbs are included in that group.  

User-added image

The Wemo App allows you to easily manage your Wemo Devices anywhere you are.  To know more, click on the links below:

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