What do I need to use my Wemo device with the Apple Home app?

Using the Apple® Home app, your iOS device can easily control any accessory that works with Apple HomeKit®.  You can manage different accessories at once, organize them by room, ask Siri® to turn ON / OFF lights, and more.  The Home app makes all your connected devices work smarter for you.

To use your Wemo® device with the Apple Home app you will need the following:

  • A Home app-compatible device such as an iPad®, iPhone®, Apple Watch® or a macOS® computer
  • A WiFi with internet access
  • A HomeKit-compatible Wemo
  • A home hub (required for remote access and automations)

HomeKit compatibility is built into many of our newer Wemo products:
  • Wemo Smart Light Switch, F7C030
  • Wemo Mini Smart Plug, F7C063
  • Wemo WiFi Smart Dimmer, F7C059
  • Wemo WiFi Smart Light Switch, WLS040
  • Wemo Smart Light Switch 3-Way, WLS0403
  • Wemo WiFi Smart Dimmer, WDS060
  • Wemo WiFi Smart Plug, WSP080
  • Wemo WiFi Smart Outdoor Plug, WSP090
  • Wemo Stage Smart Scene Controller, WSC010
  • Wemo Smart Video Doorbell, WDC010

To use our legacy Wemo products you will need the Wemo Bridge, F7C074, which will allow your Wemo devices to communicate with the Apple Home app.

You can find more information on using your Wemo devices with the Apple Home app below:


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