Meet the Apple Home app

Using the Apple Home app, your iOS device can easily control any accessory that works with Apple® HomeKit®.  You can manage different accessories at once, organize them by room, ask Siri® to turn ON/OFF lights and more.  The Home app makes all your connected devices work smarter for you.

The Home app is available on your favorite Apple devices:
  • MacBook® laptops
  • iPad®
  • iPhone®
  • Apple Watch®
  • HomePod®

When purchasing smart home devices, look for the Works with Apple HomeKit symbol on the box.  This symbol means the product you are purchasing has been reviewed and approved by Apple to work with the HomeKit ecosystem and can be controlled using your Home app.

App Features



This is the main screen for your Home app.  From here you have quick access to rooms, automations, scenes, and can control your favorite HomeKit-enabled devices.



The Home app allows you to group devices into Rooms.  This helps organize devices throughout your home and can be used when creating automations or controlling multiple devices at once.



What would a smart home be without operating automatically?  The Home app allows you to create Automations which are rules for your smart devices to follow without any interaction from you.  To use Automations, you are required to have a Home hub present on your network.  For more information on Home hubs, click here.



Want to learn more about what you can do with the Home app?  The Discover section provides help and ideas you can use to make your home more convenient and more secure.

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