How to control a device using the Apple Home app

The Apple® Home app provides a convenient way to control your HomeKit®-enabled smart devices using a single app installed on your iPhone®, iPad®, Apple Watch® or Mac® computer.  This article will walk you through in controlling your device using the Home app.

Controlling your device using the Apple Home app
NOTE:  The device you used to control the Home app should be in the same network as your Wemo device.

Step 1:  Open your Apple Home app and locate the device you wish to control.

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Step 2:  Tap and hold on the tile for the device you wish to control.  

NOTE:  Devices such as switches will toggle ON/OFF.  Their status will be displayed on the tile.

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Alternative control method

You can also tap and hold on the tile of the device you wish to control to bring up its virtual button.  This will allow you to perform advance controls that the device might allow such as dimming functions.

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