Troubleshooting iOS setup issues for Wemo Light Switches (WLS0403 and WLS040)

Apple® HomeKit™ code error message: Couldn’t add Accessory 

If you have attempted to set up the Wemo® Light Switch using the Wemo App and you have received this error, tap on Dismiss or Cancel.
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You will receive the following message (slide up to view the troubleshooting steps):
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Select the option based on the light status of your Wemo Light Switch.
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For more detailed instructions, check the following:
a.)  It's Blinking – this means your Wemo was unable to join your home Wi-Fi.  Follow the steps below to set up your Wemo Light Switch again.
Step 1:  Factory restore your Wemo.  For specific steps, click here.

Step 2:  Restart the mobile device you are using for setup.

Step 3:  When your Wemo’s light indicator is flashing blue, it is now ready to begin setup again.  Click here for instructions in setting up your Wemo WLS040.  To set up your Wemo WLS0403, click here.   
b.)  It's Solid or It's Off – this indicates that your Wemo Light Switch has been added to your network but it was unable to connect to the Apple Home app.  To troubleshoot this, follow the steps below:
Step 1:  Close the Wemo App and launch it again.

Step 2:  From the Devices section you should see your Wemo Light switch.  Tap on the refresh icon if needed. 

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Step 3:  Go to More > Connect to our Smart Home Partners > Apple Home app > Get Started on your Wemo App.

Step 4:  To connect your Wemo Light Switch to your Apple Home app, tap on the Connect button next to your Wemo Light Switch.

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Once it’s added, your Wemo Light Switch will appear under the Connected section.
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Now you can manage your Wemo Light Switch with your Apple Home app.

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