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How to adjust the router's time settings

If your router's Internet connection is working and the time zone is set correctly but the time is incorrect, follow the steps below:
Step 1:
Open a web browser like Internet Explorer®.  Enter "" or the router's default IP Address in the Address bar, then press [Enter].

QUICK TIP:  You may also enter "https://router" in the Address bar to access the router's web-based setup page.

User-added image
NOTE:  If the default IP Address doesn't work, check your router's IP Address and enter its new IP Address instead.  For instructions on how to check the router's IP Address, click here.

Step 2:
If your router’s dashboard is password-protected, enter your password in the blank field then click Let me in!.
User-added image
If your router’s user interface looks similar in the image below, click Login, enter your Password in the blank field and then, click Submit
User-added image
TIP:  For updates and fixes, learn how to update the router’s firmware by clicking here for instructions.
Step 3:
Then, on your router’s screen, click System Settings under Advanced Settings
User-added image

If your router’s user interface looks similar in the image below, click System Settings under Utilities.
User-added image

Step 4:
Change or adjust the Primary NTP Server by selecting from its drop-down options. 
User-added image

If your router’s user interface looks similar to the image below, change the Primary NTP Server and the Secondary NTP Server to any of the following sets of numbers (North America only):

NOTE:  Make sure to use a different set of numbers for each setting.
User-added image
QUICK TIP:  If your area observes daylight saving, you may check Automatically Adjust Daylight Saving to enable daylight saving function in the router.
Step 5:
Click Save to apply your changes. 

NOTE:  The system clock may not update immediately.  Allow some time for the router to contact the time servers and get a response.


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