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Setting Up Belkin Router's Local Pass-Through Only IPv6 Connection

IPv6 refers to the next generation of Internet Protocol (IP) that uses a 128-bit address standard.  It is intended to supplement, and eventually replace the IPv4 protocol.  A few advantages of the IPv6 protocol include:

  • Better connectivity for mobile networks and streaming media
  • An easier setup for plug-and-play devices

  • Improved wireless security

In this article, you will learn how to set up a local pass-through only IPv6 connection on your Belkin router.  The following steps are for users whose Internet Service Provider (ISP) doesn't have IPv6 but want to use it locally.  This kind of setup provides local IPv6 connectivity between wired and wireless devices only.


Step 1:
On your computer, open any browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari®).

Step 2:
In the address bar, enter "" and press [Enter] on your keyboard.  You will then be directed to the router's web-based setup page.



Step 3:
Click Login on the upper right corner.



Step 4:
Once prompted to log in, leave the Password field blank and click the Submit button.



Step 5:
Under the IPV6 section, click Connection Settings.




Step 6:
You will then be directed to the IPV6 > Connection Settings page.  Select Local Pass-Through Only from the drop down menu.



Step 7:
Click Apply Changes to save the settings.



Your IPv6 connection is now configured.  You may contact your ISP to inquire about their support for IPv6.  For more related information about the IPv6 protocol, click here.

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