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Updating my Belkin router to have the latest web-based setup page

This article will guide you on how to update your router to have the latest web-based setup page.

NOTE:  The new firmware is compatible to all Belkin AC Routers, N600 Wireless Dual-Band Routers and latest router models.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

Checking the model number of the device
Downloading the firmware
Performing the upgrade

Checking the model number of the device

Look at the bottom side of the device.  The sticker underneath the device should show the model number and serial number of your router.

Downloading the firmware

Download and save the latest firmware to your computer.  You can save it to your preferred destination folder (i.e. desktop, My Documents).  To learn how to download your router's firmware, click here.

For video instructions on how to update your router's firmware, view the video below.


Performing the upgrade

Step 1:
Launch a web browser.  Then enter your router's IP address.

QUICK TIP:  The default IP address of Belkin routers is


Step 2:
Click Login at the top-right corner of the page.




Step 3:
On the router setup page, enter your router's administrator PasswordYou will be asked for your log-in details.  Enter your device's password on the Password field then click Submit.

NOTE:  If you device is not yet configured, leave the Password field blank and click Submit.




Step 4:
Click Firmware Update.



Step 5:
Locate and select the file that you downloaded then click Open.

Step 6:
Click the Browse… button and locate your firmware then click Update.



Step 7:
Select the firmware file and click Open.

NOTE:  The firmware version in the image below is just an example.  Your file name will vary depending on your model and version.



Step 8:
Click Update.


Step 9:
On the warning screen, click OK.



Step 10:
Click OK to continue.



Step 11:
Powercycle the router by unplugging it from the power outlet for 10 seconds, then plug it back in.

Step 12:
Log back in to your router's web-based setup page.


Once the upgrade is successful, you will see the new interface of your router's web-based setup page.


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