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Setting up the Belkin router using the Setup CD

Setting up your Belkin router can be done in two ways. 
  • Using the Setup CD that came with your router
  • Using the router’s built-in web-based setup page

This article will guide you on how to set up your router using the Setup CD.  Alternatively, you can set up your router using the web-based setup page.  To know how, click here.

QUICK TIP:  The default username and password of your Belkin router is located at the bottom of the device.  

NOTE:  This article is also applicable to wireless devices such as laptops.

To set up a Belkin router using the Setup CD, you need to perform the procedures below :
NOTE:  The images may vary depending on the type of computer and router model you are using.
Verify the internet connection

Step 1:
Connect your computer to the modem using an ethernet cable.
User-added image
Step 2:
Verify if your computer is getting an internet connection by accessing a website.
Connect the devices together

Before connecting the modem to the router, unplug the modem first and then the router from the power source.
Step 1:
Using an ethernet cable, connect your modem to the WAN or Internet port of the router.

User-added image
Step 2:
Plug in your modem and then your router to the power source.
User-added image
Step 3:
Connect the computer to any of the LAN or ethernet ports of your router.  If you are using a wireless computer, you will need to connect it temporarily with an ethernet cable.
Setting up using the CD

The default Network Name (SSID) and Password is necessary before you can connect wireless devices to your router.  This information can be verified by looking at your Belkin router's label.  For newer Belkin routers, the SSID and password can be found at the bottom of the router.
User-added image
After getting the default Network Name and Password, you are now ready to install your Belkin router.
Step 1:
Insert your Belkin router's Setup CD into your computer's CD Drive.  If the CD doesn’t open automatically, browse to your CD drive and double-click on the Belkin Setup CD icon.
Step 2:
Click the setup icon on the CD menu.
User-added image
Step 3:
When prompted, enter the default Network Name (SSID) and Password found on your router's label then click Next.
User-added image
A progress screen will appear while additional software is installed.  This may take a few minutes to complete.  Once finished, a Success message will appear indicating that you are connected to the internet via your new Belkin Router.
User-added image
Your Belkin router should now be successfully installed.

NOTE:  During setup, you may need to enter a username and password provided by your ISP.  This username and password is likely to be found on materials that came from your ISP when you signed up for service or you may need to contact your ISP.  If you have a static IP address, you may need to enter additional information also provided by your ISP.

Connecting wireless devices

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