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Sharing your Wemo® NetCam live feed

Sharing live feeds is one of the features of the Wemo® NetCam.  This article will guide you on how to share it to your family and friends.

The steps below cover the following products:
  • Wemo® NetCam Wi-Fi® Camera with Night Vision, F7D7601
  • Wemo® NetCam HD Wi-Fi® HD Camera with Night Vision, F7D7602
  • Wemo® NetCam HD+ Wi-Fi® Camera with Glass Lens and Night Vision, F7D7606
Step 1:  Launch a web browser and go to https://netcam.belkin.com/ Enter your account Username and Password in the Sign In fields then click Login.

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NOTE:  Use the account credentials you created when you set up the Wemo NetCam.

Step 2:  On the account dashboard, select the camera you want to share.

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NOTE:  If you don’t see your camera name, make sure that the switch at the back of the Wemo NetCam is flipped DOWN to camera mode.

Step 3:  Go to the Sharing tab.  
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Step 4:  Change the Status to Shared, then enter the email address of the family member or friend you want to invite.  Click Send, then Apply.
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NOTE:  You can invite friends and family members one at a time.
Step 5:  The people you wish to share the camera with will receive an email with the invitation link.
IMPORTANT:  The people you invited to share live feeds need a Wemo NetCam Account to view the camera.  Have them create in the login page if they don't have one yet.

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You have now successfully shared your Wemo NetCam live feed.

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