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Belkin N600 DB Wireless N+ Router, F9K1102 v3 - Firmware

The Belkin N600 DB Wireless N+ Router, F9K1102 v3 is a simultaneous dual-band router.  By running two frequency bands simultaneously, the N600 automatically prioritizes intensive activities like video streaming and gaming for uninterrupted high-speed streaming.

Updating your wireless router's firmware improves its functionality and
fixes the previous version's bugs.  This action must be done especially if you start experiencing connectivity issues with your device.  This article will provide you firmware updates of your Belkin N600 DB Wireless
N+ Router, F9K1102 v3.
NOTE:  If you need help in finding your hardware version number, click here.

IMPORTANT:  Do NOT power off the router during the firmware upgrade process.

Version 3xxx

Post Date:  8/15/2017
Release Notes:
Firmware 3.04.13
  • Maintenance release for security issues fix.
Download  OS Compatibility:  Any; Size:  7.7 MB

IMPORTANT:  This download is a BIN file type.  For instructions on how to update your Belkin router, click here.

Post Date:  9/18/2015
Release Notes:
Firmware 3.04.11
  • Maintenance release for CE regulation update and security issue fix. 
  • Fixed Wi-Fi password generation issue.        
  • Fixed the issue in the password field from the FW GUI.​

Post Date:  4/15/2014
Release Notes:
Firmware 3.04.06
  • Various improvements to the Internet Configuration Page layout.
  • You can now run the automatic detection wizard from within the interface
  • It’s also now possible switch connection type and alter the settings of your connection all on one single page. 
  • The page will also now report whether the current connection is successfully connected and advise when not to make changes.
  • The settings for the network name, channels, security mode and passwords have now been consolidated onto one single page and made much easier to use and configure.
  • Added simple on/off toggle switches for each Wi-Fi radio.
  • Simple and advanced dropdown display for beginner or advanced users.
  • Improved messaging to warn you when you alter or enable a setting that may risk security or prevent Wi-Fi access.
  • Added DHCP reservation per device allowing you to lock the current IP address or manually enter one to be saved against that device (Until a factory reset).
  • Improved identification of devices for both device type and device name details.
  • The user can now manually name devices in this list for easier recognition or if a certain device does not report its details.
  • Various layout and usability improvements to the page.
  • You will now be notified when a new firmware is available in the device dashboard without requiring any user interaction and can initiate the upgrade from the dashboard.
  • The dashboard header can now report the current status of the Norton ConnectSafe feature as well as the existing QOS and Connected devices list.
  • This update also includes a large number of improvements to the firmware and the UI to resolve a number of existing issues and make a number of improvements over the previous release.
NOTE:  If after upgrading you notice any layout issues when viewing the firmware web interface then please clear your browser cache and reload the pages, layout changes and browser cache can sometimes cause display issues.

​Post Date:  4/9/2013
Release Notes:
Firmware 3.00.10
  • Fixed a DNS displaying issue when using content filtering.
  • When the Subnet of the LAN and WAN are the same, the router will now reconfigure it automatically.

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