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How to set up the Wemo WiFi Smart Dimmer, F7C059

The Wemo® WiFi Smart Dimmer, F7C059 is designed to be calibrated to the type of bulb that you have.  This device makes it easy for you to control your dimmable lighting anywhere you are and anytime you want.  This article will help you set up your Wemo Dimmer.

NOTE:  The following steps apply to a Wemo Dimmer in Setup mode (the light should be blinking blue).  If your Wemo Dimmer is not in Setup mode, restore the device before continuing with the steps below.  To know how to restore your Wemo Dimmer, click 

Before you begin:
  • Download and install the Wemo App for your smartphone.  You can find it on the App Store® for iOS devices and on Google Play™ for Android™ devices.
  • Know the default Wemo Wi-Fi name of the Wemo Dimmer, the default name will appear as Wemo.Dimmer.xxx, where xxx is the last 3 digits of the serial number. 
  • If you are installing more than one switch or when another Wemo Dimmer exists, write down the Wemo ID# located on the label at the bottom of the Wemo Dimmer.  You can also find the Wemo ID on the packaging sleeve right above the serial number.
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  • Use your smartphone at the location where the Wemo Dimmer will be installed (to determine the signal).
  • If you are NOT familiar with electrical work, contact a professional electrician.  Nevertheless, self-install content is also available online for installing a Single Wemo Dimmer only if all wirings are present.  A neutral wire must also be present.  To view the wiring diagrams of Wemo Dimmer, click here.
  • iOS 11.3 is only required if you will be using the Apple® Home™ app to manage your Wemo Dimmer.  If you will be managing your Wemo Dimmer via the Wemo App only, standard minimum of iOS 9.0 or higher is required for iOS devices.
Step 1:  Shut OFF the circuit breaker of the light switch you are replacing (or power OFF entire home).  Flip the switch multiple times to make sure the power is OFF.
Step 2:  Remove your existing switch plate and pull out the light switch.  You should see two additional white wires.  These are called neutral wires and they are connected by a wire-nut as well as the line, load, and ground wires.  You need the neutral wires to install a Wemo Dimmer.  Do NOT try to do it without the neutral wires.  Continue only if you see neutral wires.
To see the correct wiring diagram, click here.
NOTE:  Be careful NOT to reverse the line and load wires.  Otherwise, nothing will work.
Step 3:  If you are replacing an existing Wemo Dimmer, label the line and load wires using the stickers provided.  If you are replacing a non-dimming light switch, uninstall the old switch.  To identify the line and load wires, click here.
Step 4:  Following the wiring diagram, use the wire nuts to connect the Wemo Dimmer’s wires to your home wires.  Be careful to match the line and load wires.  Then remove the stickers, screw the Wemo Dimmer in to the wall, and attach the faceplate.  To see the correct wiring diagram, click here.
Step 5:  Turn ON the circuit breaker.  During boot-up, the Wemo Dimmer’s light will pulse white.  When it turns to pulsing blue, it is ready for setup using the Wemo App.
Step 6:  On your smartphone, open Settings and go to Wi-Fi.  Connect to the Wemo Dimmer’s Wi-Fi name which will show as Wemo.Dimmer.xxx.

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Step 7: Open the Wemo App
Step 8:  Once your Wemo Dimmer is detected, you will be taken to the Personalize screen.  Personalize your Wemo Dimmer.  Tap on the camera icon to give your Wemo Dimmer a custom icon.
NOTE:  If you see another screen, repeat Step 6 to ensure that you are connected to the Wemo Dimmer Wi-Fi.
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NOTE:  It is recommended to set the REMEMBER WI-FI SETTINGS slider to the ON (green) position.  This will save the SSID and Password of your Wi-Fi in the Wemo App, keeping you from needing to type it in again.  This setting is set to OFF by default.  Tap Next once done.
Step 9:  Calibrate your Wemo Dimmer to the type of bulbs in your fixture.  The Wemo App will run two quick tests to confirm optimization.  You may be asked to manually calibrate the bulb’s limits.  Follow the steps until the calibration is complete.  You can run this again after the bulb is set up from the Wemo Dimmer’s settings menu.

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User-added image
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Step 10:  Enter your email address when prompted

Step 11:  Connect to your Wi-Fi.     
NOTE:  Wemo only works with 2.4 GHz wireless band.

Step 12:  Once this is complete, you will receive a Remote Access Enabled message.  

Your Wemo Dimmer is now setup.

NOTE:  Remote Access allows you to control your device when you are away from home.  If Remote Access fails, click on Later to complete setup without Remote Access.  After setup is complete try going to  More > Remote Access and click on Enable, make sure your mobile device is connected to your Wi-Fi.

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