Ways of dimming and turning ON/OFF a bulb using the Wemo® Dimmer

The Wemo® Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer, F7C059 is the newest addition to the Wemo lighting family.  The main functionality of the Wemo Dimmer is to act like a dimmer and a power switch.

Four Ways of Dimming and Turning ON / OFF

Physical button

On the front panel of the Wemo Dimmer is a physical button that can be used to dim and switch the Wemo Dimmer ON or OFF.  Press the tip of the button where the 
Wemo’s brand is printed to switch the Wemo Dimmer ON or OFF.  To control the dimming level of your bulb, touch or slide your fingertip over the front of the button.

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Wemo App

You can use the Wemo App to turn your Wemo Dimmer ON or OFF.  On the device list screen of your Wemo App, press the virtual power button on the Wemo Dimmer.  Below the virtual power button, slide the green bar right or left to adjust the lighting.  You can view the light adjustment percentage below the Wemo Dimmer's name.

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Wemo Rules

There are multiple Wemo rules that can be used to control how your Wemo Dimmer functions.  It will work with the following rules:

  • Schedule rules
  • Auto-Off Timer rules
  • Motion Detector rules (This requires a Wemo Motion Sensor to initiate the rule.)
  • Long Press rules (This requires a Wemo Light Switch to initiate the rule.)
  • Away Mode rules

Third party services

The Wemo Dimmer can be controlled using the Google™ Home, Amazon Alexa (Amazon Echo™, Amazon Echo Dot™  and Amazon Tap), and IFTTT services.
  • Amazon Alexa.  Enabling the Wemo Skill in the Amazon Alexa app and simply asking your Alexa-enabled device a command, you can control your Wemo devices using your voice.  To learn how to set up, click here
  • If This Then That (IFTTT).  It allows you to set up events that happen either when your Wemo performs an action or causes your Wemo to perform an action based on something else happening.  IFTTT works with your Wemo Dimmer by enabling it on the IFTTT website (www.ifttt.com) and ensuring that Remote Access is enabled and working for the Wemo device.

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