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Setting up a printer using the USB Control Center for USB-enabled Belkin routers

The USB Control Center is a software that allows you to use the integrated USB ports on the back of your USB-enabled Belkin Router for a USB printer.  It helps manage and monitor the use of your USB printers or hard drives.  Follow the instructions below to learn how you can set up a printer using the USB Control Center.
NOTE:  This article assumes that you have already downloaded and successfully installed the USB Control Center software.  For downloading instructions click here.  To know how you can install the software, click here.  

Step 1:
Locate and double-click on the USB Control Center icon from your computer’s System Tray.
User-added image
Step 2:
Connect a USB device in the USB port of your Belkin router.  The software will automatically detect the device and show it in the Available Devices list. 
NOTE:  The HP Officejet 6600 printer is used here as an example.  
User-added image
Step 3:
Highlight the printer and click User-added image or double-click the printer from the list.
Step 4:
Wait for the software to connect.
User-added image
Once it shows Connected, the printer is ready to be used.
User-added image
NOTE:  You can click on the Properties… button to check the USB settings.
User-added image
Step 5:
To stop using your USB device, you may click on the User-added image button or double-click again on the list.
User-added image
QUICK TIP:  Click on the Help menu to know more about the functions and features of your USB Control Center.
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