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Setting up Port Forwarding on a Belkin router through the Dashboard


Port Forwarding allows external devices to pass through your router's firewall for services such as a web server (Port 80), FTP server (Port 21), gaming or any other designated applications.  This article will show you how to set up Port Forwarding on a Belkin router using the Dashboard.  For more information about the common port numbers for your gaming consoles, click here.

NOTE:  Make sure that your Belkin router is connected to your computer before performing the steps below.


Step 1:
Launch a web browser on your computer and enter the IP address of your Belkin router in the address bar.  Press [ENTER]

QUICK TIP:  The default IP address of your Belkin router is  If the default IP address doesn't work, check your router's IP address.  For instructions, click here. 
Step 2:
On your Dashboard homepage, click Advanced Settings.

NOTE:  If your user interface doesn't look like the Belkin Dashboard, click here instead.

User-added image
Step 3:
Under the Firewall section, click Port Forwarding.
User-added image
Step 4:
Fill out the necessary fields.  You can configure up to 20 entries and you can also click the drop down menu to select preset applications.

NOTE:  Your setup should be like the image below:
User-added image
Step 5:
Click User-added image to apply changes.

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