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Setting up WEP security on the Belkin wireless router

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is a security protocol designed for wireless local area networks (WLAN).  It can be a 64-bit key with 10 hexadecimal digits or a 128-bit WEP key with 26 hexadecimal digits.  This encryption will prevent other users from connecting to your Wi-Fi and protect your wireless transmissions or communications from being accessed or received by other users.

This article will provide you with instructions on how to set up WEP security on your Belkin wireless router.

IMPORTANT:  ​Before you proceed, make sure you have the following:

  • Wired computer and ethernet cable
  • IP address of the router.  To check the IP address of your Belkin router, click here.
  • Router user name and password

Step 1:
Connect the computer to one of the four ethernet ports on the router.


User-added image

Step 2:
Launch a web browser such as Internet Explorer® or Safari® and enter the IP address of your Belkin router in the Address bar then, press [Enter].  The default IP address of Belkin routers is

NOTE:  Enter your personalized IP address if you have changed the default value.


Step 3:
The router’s web-based setup page will appear.  On the top-right portion, click Login.  If you have set up a password for your router before, enter your personalized credentials instead then click Submit.
NOTE:  If you haven't personalized your router, you can leave the Password field blank.  If you have forgotten your password, reset your router to its factory default settings.  To learn how, click here.

Step 4:
On the Wireless pane, click Security


User-added image

Step 5:
Select 64bit WEP from the drop-down menu.  Select Key 1 and enter any 10 hexadecimal digits.  You can use a combination of 0-9, A-F.  If you select 128-bit, you need to enter 26 hexadecimal characters.


User-added image

Alternatively, you can enter your preferred password in the PassPhrase field and click generate.  The router will generate a WEP key for you.

User-added image

IMPORTANT:  Take note of the code shown in the Key 1 field.  This will serve as your wireless security key.

Step 6:
Click Apply Changes.


You should have successfully set up your Belkin router's wireless security now.  If you want to change the wireless password, click here for instructions.

Connecting wireless devices to the network

Once your password is set up, you can then connect devices to your Wi-Fi.  To learn how to connect a Windows® computer to the Wi-Fi, click here.  For Mac® users, click here.

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