Common issues with Wemo devices

Check the troubleshooting tips below to resolve issues with your Wemo® device.

Multiple WiFi access points
Intermittent WiFi connection
Wemo device turns ON by itself without Rules set
Wemo will not save a Schedule Rule
Wemo device loses settings
Devices do not show up in the Wemo app
Wemo will not connect to the router's WiFi

Multiple WiFi access points
If you have several WiFi access points at home, make sure that your mobile device is connected to the same WiFi as your Wemo devices to prevent setup/connectivity issues.


Intermittent WiFi connection

WiFi connectivity and network performance can be affected by the following:
  • Distance.   To ensure stable WiFi, make sure that your Wemo device is not too far from your router.
  • Physical obstruction.  Walls, floors, furniture, and appliances can block WiFi signals.  To improve performance, try moving your router in an open space preferably not in between walls or inside a cabinet.
  • Network traffic.  Free up your WiFi.  If too many devices are connected to your WiFi, these may interfere with your connection to the Wemo device.

For more troubleshooting tips on how to resolve an intermittent WiFi connection, click here.

Wemo device turns ON by itself without Rules set

If your Wemo device is turning ON/OFF by itself even without Rules set, it is possible that a Rule is stored on the Wemo but is not showing up in your Wemo app.  You can remove this Rule by restoring your Wemo device to factory defaults.  To know how, click here.
NOTE:  Restoring your Wemo device will erase any Rules stored on the device as well as its custom name and picture.  You will have to rename the Wemo device and set a custom picture for it again.  

Wemo will not save a Schedule Rule

Wemo Rules are a set of instructions that allow your Wemo devices to function on their own without any intervention from you.  A Schedule Rule is the most basic Rule that you can make.  This Rule will allow you to turn your Wemo device ON and OFF at the time you set. 

To know more about creating a Schedule Rule, click these links:

How to create a Schedule rule for your Wemo with the Wemo app
Creating a Schedule Rule on the Wemo App

Wemo device loses settings
Wemo was set up but can no longer be controlled.  It would seem that the device has lost its settings but in reality, nothing is lost.  Below are the causes of this problem and their solutions:
1.  Firmware update
Did you update the firmware?  Sometimes, the unit need to be powercycled after a firmware update.  Unplug the Wemo device and wait for 20 seconds before plugging it back in.  Do NOT reset or restore the device.  It will connect back to your WiFi and continue its normal operation.
2.  Router channel
The Wemo device will either have a blinking orange or blue status light.  This means that the device can’t connect to the router.  Move the device nearer the router for a stronger signal.  If there is a strong signal, however, check the router and see if it is set to a static channel.  Setting it to Auto and unplugging the Wemo device for 20 seconds usually allows the Wemo device to connect back.
3.  Hidden WiFi name
The Wemo device can manually be connected to a hidden WiFi name but will eventually be disconnected.  The device will blink orange.  Broadcasting the WiFi name usually resolves the issue. 
4.  The rules are no longer working
Turning the Wemo device OFF and ON using the Wemo app or just pressing the restart or reboot button will start the device back.  Restarting it will often do the same thing but if the Wemo device cannot be easily reached, try turning it OFF and ON with the Wemo app.  This might be related to brownouts.


Devices do not show up in the Wemo app
Wemo devices will either not show up or will show up grayed out.  Here are some issues you may be experiencing and their solutions:
1.  Wemo device is unplugged or removed from the WiFi
Your Wemo device should be plugged in and connected to the same WiFi where you manage your Wemo device/s.  If you have unplugged a Wemo device, the Wemo app may still have it registered and will look for it.  This will be grayed out in the Wemo app.

In case the Wemo app unexpectedly freezes or becomes unresponsive, force close it and then open it again.  For instructions on force closing the Wemo app, click
2.  Using Wemo devices in multiple homes
If you have multiple homes with Wemo devices in them, you will only see one set at a time.  You will need to have two mobile devices or choose a home to control.

For more troubleshooting tips, click


Wemo will not connect to the router's WiFi

Is your Wemo device not connecting to your router's WiFi?  Here are some fixes: 

1.  Check your router
If you are using a business class router with enterprise security, your Wemo will not be able to connect to it.  For security reasons, Wemo is NOT supported by the following network types:
  • Enterprise networks
  • Café networks
  • Cellular hotspots
  • Networks using Chinese characters
  • Networks that use ARRIS® modem routers
To know more, click

2.  Change the channel 
If the channel is clogged, you might see trouble connecting to the Wemo device or in keeping it connected.  The recommended WiFi channel setting is Auto.  However, you can also change your router’s channel to avoid interference with other routers in your area that are possibly using the same channel as yours.  If you are using a Belkin router, click
here to know how to change the WiFi

3.  Broadcast the WiFi name
Make sure that your router is broadcasting your WiFi name at 2.4 GHz frequency and that it supports the Wireless-B, -G or -N standards.  If the WiFi name is hidden, your Wemo may experience difficulties connecting or staying connected to your WiFi. 

4.  Check the WiFi password
Check your router's security settings.  Wemo only supports WPA™, WPA2™ and WEP security types and passwords of eight to 63 characters comprised of numbers, letters and special characters. 

5.  Check your Wemo device's lights
The normal behavior for the status light on a Wemo device is NOT lit.  This means that the Wemo is functioning normally.  A blinking status light signifies that there is something with your Wemo device that needs attention.
To know more about the light behaviors, click on your Wemo device below.

Wemo Dimmer light behaviors
Light status on the Wemo® Link, F7C031
Wemo® Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch, F7C030 light indicators
Understanding the Wemo® Mini Smart Plug, F7C063 Status Light
Wemo® Bridge, F7C074 light behaviors
Wemo® Insight Smart Plug, F7C029 indicator lights
Wemo® Switch + Motion, F5Z0340 indicator lights

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