Manually resetting or restoring the Mr. Coffee® 10-Cup Smart Optimal Brew™ Coffeemaker with Wemo®, F7C050

Resetting or restoring your Mr. Coffee® 10-Cup Smart Optimal Brew™ Coffeemaker with Wemo®, F7C050 to its original settings may be required in the following scenarios:
  • The setup has failed
  • The router settings have been changed
  • The Wemo device is not detected by the Wemo App
  • The Wemo device is not detected by the Wemo App after the firmware update
  • The Wemo device is blinking blue or green after the firmware update
  • Other general issues
NOTE:  Before restoring your Wemo device to its original settings, make sure that the remote access feature and any rule associated to it have been disabled from any mobile device that is connected to the Wemo device.  If you do not disable the remote access from these devices, you may need to re-install the Wemo App later on.
Follow the steps below to manually reset or restore your Wemo Coffeemaker.

Step 1:  Unplug your Wemo Coffeemaker.

Step 2:  Press and hold the RESTORE button.
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Step 3:  While pressing the RESTORE button, plug the unit back in.

Step 4:  After 10 seconds, release the RESTORE button.  It should take about 45 seconds for the Wemo to restore and reboot.  It will blink green and amber when finished.
After resetting your device, you will need to set it up again.  You also may need to uninstall then reinstall the Wemo App.  To know how to set up your Wemo device, click here.

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