Pairing a Motorola device with the Miracast Video Adapter

Pairing the Belkin Miracast Video Adapter with your Motorola device allows you to watch anything from your mobile device to your HDTV screen.  You can share pictures that are saved or taken using your smartphone, play games directly on your TV from your smart device, watch videos, and browse the Internet on your TV without the need for a smart TV.
Follow the steps below to pair your Motorola device with your Miracast Video Adapter.
NOTE:  Make sure that your device is compatible with the Miracast Video Adapter. 
Setting up the video adapter

Step 1:
Turn your TV ON.
Step 2:
Connect the Miracast Video Adapter to your TV's USB port using the USB power cable that comes with the adapter.

Step 3:
Connect the video adapter directly to an HDMI port on the TV.
NOTE:  Take note of the port number you connected to. It is recommended to use HDMI 1 for optimal performance.  An HDMI-CEC compatible TV is required for your TV's remote control to communicate with the Miracast Adapter.

Step 4:
Set your TV's source/input selector to the HDMI port you have connected to.

Your Miracast Video Adapter will now start up and display instructions on your TV screen.

Connecting your Motorola device

Before pairing your Motorola device with the Miracast Video Adapter, make sure that they are connected to the same wireless network.  To proceed, follow the instructions below.

Step 1:
Tap the Apps icon.
Step 2:
Scroll through your phone's applications and select Settings.
Step 3:
In your phone's settings, select the Display option.
Step 4:
Select Wireless display from the list of options.
Step 5:
Turn Wireless Display to ON and select the display you wish to connect to.
Step 6:
Select the Miracast Adapter from the list of available wireless networks on your smart device.
Step 7:
From the list of available devices, select your TV.
Step 8:
Press the button on the Miracast Video Adapter when prompted or if requested, enter the PIN code that appears on the screen of your device.


The Miracast Video Adapter will attempt to pair with your device at this point.

If the image on your smart device is now mirrored on your TV, you have successfully connected your Miracast Video Adapter.

If you were not able to successfully pair your device with the video adapter, here are other solutions:
  • Make sure that your Miracast Video Adapter's firmware is updated.  The firmware version that is running on the adapter can be found by accessing the adapter's settings page.  For instructions on how to update the firmware on the adapter, click here.
  • Try disabling Remember Prior Connections in the Miracast Video Adapter's Settings page which can be accessed from your TV.

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