Configuring your Belkin Router’s wireless security through the web-based setup page

Configuring your router's wireless security is important to ensure that your wireless network is not vulnerable to any unnecessary intrusions.  The steps below will guide you in configuring the wireless security settings for Belkin routers through the web-based setup page.

IMPORTANT:  The following must be available before proceeding with the steps below:
  • Wired computer (router to computer)
  • IP Address of the router.  To check the IP Address of the router, click here.
  • Router username and password
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Step 1:
Launch a web browser such as Internet Explorer
® and enter the default IP Address, in the Address bar.  If you have changed the IP Address, use that instead.

QUICK TIP:  You may also enter http://router to access the web-based setup page.

Step 2:
When the router's web-based setup page opens, click Login at the top-right corner.

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Step 3:
Enter your router's administrator Password then click Submit.  If you did not set up a password, you can leave the field blank.  By default, there is no password configured on Belkin routers.

QUICK TIP:  If you have set up a new router password but wants to update it, click here for instructions.


Step 4:
Click Channel and SSID under Wireless section.


Step 5:
On the Wireless > Channel and SSID page, select your wireless preferences.  Click Apply Changes when done.


Step 6:
Click Security under Wireless section.


Step 7:
On the Wireless > Security page, select your preference for the fields listed below.  Click Apply Changes when done.
  • Allowed Client Type
  • Authentication
  • Password (PSK) Type
  • Password (PSK)
  • Guest Password (PSK) - This feature is disabled by default.  If you want to enable this feature on your Belkin router, enter a password on the Guest Password (PSK) field.

To improve the security for your wireless network, you can combine various security methods on your router.  This can guarantee you of a maximized and optimized wireless security configuration.

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