How to avoid delays when using the Miracast Video Adapter

Wireless technology is radio-based, which means connectivity and the throughput performance between devices decreases when the distance between devices increases.  Other factors that will cause signal degradation are obstructions such as walls and metal appliances.  Also, Samsung phones are known to pick the same channel as the Access Point or Router it is connected to which can result in high latency.  As a result, the typical indoor range of your wireless devices will be between 10 to 50 feet.  In order to determine if wireless issues are related to range, temporarily move the smart device, if possible, to five (5) to 10 feet away from the Miracast Video Adapter.

If you determine that distance is not the problem, you need to perform the following steps:

Step 1:
Access the Miracast Settings menu.

Step 2:
Change the frequency band to the option that isn't selected (either 2.4 or 5 GHz).

Step 3:
Connect your smart device to the current wireless network; the video adapter will adapt the same channel as your Wi-Fi.

Step 4:
Disconnect then reconnect your smart device to the wireless network of the same frequency.

Step 5:
Ensure that both the Miracast Video Adapter's firmware and your smart device's software and firmware are up to date with the latest version.

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