Upgrading the firmware of the Belkin Miracast Video Adapter

To update the firmware on your Miracast Video Adapter, you need to have a computer with Wi-Fi capabilities.  Follow the steps below:
Step 1:
Using a computer, download the new firmware file.
NOTE:  It is recommended that you save the file on a location that you will easily remember.
Step 2:
Turn OFF the Miracast Video Adapter by detaching it from the USB cable.
NOTE:  Keep your TV powered ON. If the video adapter is powered by the TV, just unplug the adapter from the USB cable.
Step 3:
Press and hold the Multipurpose button located at the side of the Miracast Video Adapter.  Do not release.
Step 4:
Continue pressing the Multipurpose button, then plug the USB cable back.  Continue to press the button until the MIRACAST VIDEO ADAPTER/FIRMWAREUPDATE page appears on your TV screen.

Step 5:
Using a computer with Wi-Fi connection, look for the Wi-Fi-Video-Receiver network then connect to it.
Step 6:
Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer.  On the Address bar, enter "" then press [Enter].
Step 7:
When the Authentication Required prompt appears, enter "admin"in the User Name and Password fields.
You should then be logged in into the Miracast Video Adapter's web-based setup page.
Step 8:
Click Firmware Upgrade.

Step 9:
Click Choose File and select the firmware file you downloaded.

Step 10:
Click Upgrade.

IMPORTANT:  The Miracast Video Adapter may take 5-10 minutes to complete the update process.  DO NOT power OFF your TV or unplug the adapter from its power source.  A yellow bar will indicate the update process' progress on the TV screen.

Step 11:
When the progress bar is filled, click Reboot.
A screen will appear on your TV indicating that the firmware update is in progress.  DO NOT power OFF your TV or the adapter.
NOTE:  The video adapter will do a self-reboot, then the home screen will appear.
Step 12:
Press and hold the Multipurpose button located on the side of the Miracast Video Adapter for at least 10 seconds to perform a factory reset.  When the home screen reappears, the firmware update will be complete and the adapter will be ready to use.
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