Meet the Wemo® Smart Light Switch, F7C030

The Wemo® Smart Light Switch, F7C030 is an alternative for your simple wall light switch.  It allows you to view the status and control the light anywhere in your home.

Key Features
  • The Wemo Light Switch connects to your Wi-Fi, allowing your device to connect to it through the Wemo App.  It can connect seamlessly over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G.
  • You can easily set the turn ON or OFF times manually or enter your city name and have lights to turn ON at sunrise then OFF at sunset.
  • The Wemo Light Switch comes with an elegant clip-on face plate that hides all screws, giving it a modern look.  It also has a back light to make it easier to find at night.

Hardware Features
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A.  Wi-Fi indicator - This indicator changes in color (green or orange). This is only visible during setup.
B.  Power indicator - This lights up if the Wemo Light Switch is ON.
C.  Night light
This indicator lights up only when the room is dark.  This makes the Wemo Light Switch easy to find.
D.  Reset button - This is also known as the Wi-Fi Reset button that is dedicated for resetting the Wi-Fi settings of your Wemo Light Switch.  This is located right below the Night Light beside the Power Restart button.
E.  Restart button - This is also known as the Power Restart button that is dedicated to power restart your Wemo Light Switch without losing any Wi-Fi settings.  This is located right below the Night Light beside the Wi-Fi Reset button.
F.  Clip-on face plate - This hides all screws, giving a modern look to the Wemo Light Switch.

NOTE:  The MAC address of the Wemo Light Switch can be found underneath if you remove the face plate.

G.  Easy ON/OFF - Push anywhere to toggle ON and OFF.

Other Features
  • The Wemo Light Switch doesn't need batteries and will not wear out.
  • It keeps its programming and the correct time and date, which is not a problem during power outages.
  • There's no minimum wattage required and can work with any bulb such as incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), fluorescent, and LED.
  • This device uses less than 3W on standby mode.  It also uses the same amount of power when it is not idle such as when it is activated, triggered or performing a command.
  • This is Wi-Fi®-compatible with 802.11n technology using 2.4 GHz band only.
  • 1-year limited warranty

Package Contents
  • One Wemo Light Switch
  • One face plate
  • Four wire nuts
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