Getting to know the Miracast Video Adapter

What is the Miracast Video Adapter?
The Belkin Miracast Video Adapter lets you watch everything from your mobile device on your HDTV screen.  You can share pictures that are saved or taken using your smartphone, play games directly on your TV from your smart device, watch videos, and browse the Internet on your TV without the need for a smart TV.  This adapter includes the following features:
  • Dual band technology - It enables you to have two (2) simultaneous network bandwidth featuresThe 2.4 and 5 GHz bands are designed to avoid interference and maximize throughput for smoother and faster HD video streaming, file transfers, and wireless gaming.
  • Built-in Micro USB 2.0 Port - This port enables you to connect your Miracast Video Adapter using a USB cable to your TV and provide power supply.
  • Multipurpose button - It is used to access the web-based setup page where you can change settings, restart the adapter, and pair with other smart devices.  It is also known as the Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS) button.
  • LED status indicator - This LED light indicates the current state of your Miracast Video Adapter.
  • HDMI Connector - This should be connected into your TV's HDMI port to interact with the Miracast Video Adapter.
  • HDCP 1.0, 2.0, and 2.1
Status LED behavior

The LED on the Miracast Video Adapter gives you the activity status of the adapter.  The table below compares the different LED behaviors and what they indicate:

LED Behavior
What's on the TV Screen
Blinking Green
Loading screen
Adapter is starting up
Steady Green
Instructions to pair device
Ready to pair with a smart device
Blinking Green with pause after 2nd blink
Instructions to press button
Waiting for user to press Multipurpose button
Blinking Green with pause after 5th blink
"Connection in progress" message
Attempting to pair with a smart device
Steady Green
Smart device is being mirrored onto the TV
Adapter and smart device have been paired successfully

Multipurpose button
This is the only button on the Miracast Video Adapter that can be used for a variety of purposes.  The table below shows the list for each application:
Adapter State
Duration of Action
Adapter is unpowered (then powered ON)
Press and hold button
Until Firmware Update page appears
Access to Advanced Web Interface
Adapter is asking user to press button during pairing
Press button
0-5 seconds
Adapter will attempt to pair with a smart device
Adapter is on its home screen
Press and hold button
10+ seconds
Restore factory defaults and restarts adapter
Minimum System Requirements
  • TV with HDMI port and USB power available (5 V 500 mA)
  • Device with Miracast, Allshare Cast, Screen Mirroring or Android™ Wireless Display support
  • HDMI-CEC compatible TV to allow interaction with the User Interface
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