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Belkin has corrected the list of five potential vulnerabilities affecting the Wemo® line of home automation solutions that was published in a CERT advisory on February 18.  Belkin was in contact with the security researchers prior to the publication of the advisory, and, as of February 18, had already issued fixes for each of the noted potential vulnerabilities via in-app notifications and updates.  Users with the most recent firmware release (version 3949) are not at risk from these malicious firmware attacks or remote control or monitoring of Wemo devices from unauthorized devices.  Belkin urges such users to download the latest app from the App Store® (version 1.4.1) or Google Play™ store (version 1.1.2) and then upgrade the firmware version through the app.

The specific fixes that Belkin has issued include:

1. An update to the Wemo API server on November 5, 2013 that prevents an XML injection attack from gaining access to other Wemo devices.

2. An update to the Wemo firmware, published on January 24, 2014, that adds SSL encryption and validation to the Wemo firmware distribution feed, eliminates storage of the signing key on the device, and password protects the serial port interface to prevent a malicious firmware attack.  To learn how to update the firmware of your Wemo device, click here.

3. An update to the Wemo app for both iOS (published on January 24, 2014) and Android™ (published on February 10, 2014) that enables the most recent firmware update. 

QUICK TIP:  For iOS users, you can check the Wemo App’s firmware version by launching the app, then tapping More > Settings & About > Hardware Info

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