Setting up the Wemo® Insight, Wemo® Switch and Wemo® Switch + Motion

This article will help you set up the following Wemo® devices:
  • Wemo® Insight Smart Plug, F7C029
  • Wemo® Switch Smart Plug, F7C027
  • Wemo® Switch + Motion, F5Z0340

Setting up Wemo is incredibly simple.  All you need is:
  • Your Wemo device
  • An appliance you'd like to control
  • Android™ 4.4 device or higher
  • iOS 9.0 device or higher
  • Wi-Fi settings
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QUICK TIP:  If you don't know your Wi-Fi settings, you can find the Wi-Fi name and password by checking the router settings on the web-based setup page.  To learn how, click here.

WARNING:  The Wemo Insight's plugs and voltage requirements vary per region or country.  Make sure to check your Wemo Insight’s voltage specification before plugging it in to a power outlet.  Depending on its model number, the voltage specification can be found on a sticker at the back or bottom of the device.  Also, make sure that your router’s Wi-Fi has a frequency of 2.4 GHz. 

Step 1:  On your mobile device, download and install the latest User-added image App from the  App Store® or Google Play™ store.
Step 2:  Once installed, open Settings and enable Wi-Fi
Step 3:  Locate and connect to the Wemo with the same Wemo ID found at the back of the Wemo unit you are trying to install.  The Wemo ID is the word WeMo followed by the Wemo model, then three alphanumeric characters.  For example, Also, the Wemo device is not secured thus, it will not ask for a password when you try to connect to it upon installation. 

QUICK TIP:  If your Wemo device does not show up in the Wi-Fi search, try the following:
  • Make sure that your iOS or Android device and the Wemo device is within the range of the router.
  • Make sure that the Wemo device is plugged in to a power outlet.  If it is already properly plugged in, try rebooting the Wemo device.
  • Press the Reset button and start all over.
  • Some Android versions have an option enabled called Smart Network Switch or sometimes called Mobile Network Switch and Auto-switch to mobile network.  This option allows your Android device to switch between saved Wi-Fi and data connections on its own.  With this option enabled, your smart device may switch back to your saved Wi-Fi or data connections while you are performing the setup on your Wemo, causing the setup to fail.  Before setting up your Wemo, it is recommended that you disable this feature. For more information, click here

Step 4:  Launch the User-added image App on your mobile device.  Make sure that the Remember Wi-Fi Settings option is checked so the Wemo App can save your Wi-Fi settings.

NOTE:  The Wemo Motion has two parts.  Make sure to securely connect the sensor to the plug in.  For simplicity, plug in and set up your Wemo devices one at a time.
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It will then notify you that it’s connected to your Wemo device and will try to connect to your router’s main Wi-Fi.
Step 5:  When prompted, select your router’s main Wi-Fi.
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Step 6:  Enter your router’s Wi-Fi password in the given field.  Then, tap Save.
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It will then say that it’s attempting to set up remote access.  Once the setup is complete, it will prompt you that Remote Access has been enabled.  Tap OK.
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Step 7:  You will then be directed to a window where you will be shown the settings of your Wemo device.  You may edit the Name, Picture, and Email of your Wemo device in this window.  Once finished, tap Save.

You will then be directed to the Wemo App Home with your Wemo device in the list.  For easy identification, you may customize the settings of your Wemo device.  Just tap the pencil icon to modify.

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Here, you can customize the Name and Picture of your Wemo device.
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You have now successfully set up your Wemo device.
NOTE:  If you’re having problems with setting up your Wemo device, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Wemo App then set up the Wemo device again.

You can also watch the Wemo Setup Video for more troubleshooting tips.
Configuring the power monitoring and sensor input settings on the Wemo Insight

You can track the average electricity spent by a device and the duration of its usage using one of Wemo Insight's features, Usage Alerts.  It can also calculate the cost of operating the device based on your currency input.  When you have successfully set up your Wemo Insight, you can now proceed to configuring its power monitoring and sensor input settings.  

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