Setting up Website Filters on a Belkin router

The Website Filters of your Belkin router filter out unwanted websites on your network through convenient filtering options.  Choose the category that fits your web filtering needs.  This helps eliminate the burden of manually selecting and entering many unwanted websites for your network.

This article will guide you on how to set up website filters on your Belkin router using the web-based setup page.  To filter websites using the Parental Internet Control feature through the Belkin Dashboard, click here.

NOTE:  The user interface for the Belkin F9K1113 may vary depending on the firmware version.

Step 1:
On your computer, open a web browser such as Internet Explorer® or Safari®.
Step 2:
In the Address bar, enter "" and press [Enter] on your keyboard. 
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NOTE:  The Belkin router's default IP address is  If you changed your router's IP address, use that instead.  If you are not sure, check your router’s IP address by clicking here for instructions. 

Step 3:
Click Login on the upper right corner of the web-based setup page.
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Step 4:
Once prompted to log in, enter your router's Password then click Submit.
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QUICK TIP:  If you have not yet updated this password, leave the Password field blank then click Submit.
Step 5:
Look for the Parental Controls section then click Website Filters.
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Step 6:
Select the filtering option that best suits your needs then click Apply Changes.
  • Block malicious, adult, and other non-family friendly sites - blocks all kinds of websites that contain malicious content as well as phishing / scam / malware websites
  • Block malicious and adult sites - blocks all phishing / scam / malware websites as well as websites with sexually explicit content
  • Block malicious sites - blocks phishing / scam / malware websites only
  • No Filters - choosing this option will disable the Website Filters feature
NOTE:  The filtering options that you have set will only take effect once you have cleared the saved cookies and cache data from the web browsers that you are using.  Instructions for clearing cookies and cache data may vary according to the browser used.

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