Setting up Guest Access on your Belkin router

Guest Access is a feature on your Belkin router that allows your guests to connect to your Wi-Fi without having access to your shared files, printer and other devices in your network.

Follow the steps below to know how to configure the Guest Access of your Belkin router using the web-based setup page.  To proceed, you will need the following:
  • Your Belkin router with the Guest Access feature
  • A computer
  • An ethernet cable
NOTE:  If your router is using the Belkin Dashboard, click here.
Step 1:
Connect an ethernet cable from one of your router's LAN ports to your computer.


NOTE:  The back of your router may look different than the one shown above.  For more examples, click here.
Step 2:
Open a web browser like Internet Explorer®.

Step 3:
Enter the Belkin router's default IP address, "" and press [Enter].  If this does not work, check your router's IP address.  For instructions, click here.

QUICK TIP:  You may also use "http://router" to access the router's web-based setup page.
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Step 4:
Click Login at the top right corner.


Step 5:
Enter the router password.  If you haven't set up a password for the router before, leave the Password field blank and click Submit.


Step 6:
Click Guest Access on the left pane.

QUICK TIP:  If the Guest Access link is not located in the left pane, click Security instead.
Step 7:
Select the following:
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  • Guest Access – Select Enabled to turn the feature ON.
  • Type – Select either Cafe-style(guest log in via a webpage), WPA/WPA2 PSK, WEP or Open to set the feature’s security type.  WPA™ / WPA2™ PSK is recommended since it is the most secure.
  • Network Name (SSID) – Enter the name of the Guest Access network your guests will be connecting to.
  • Password(PSK) – Enter the password for the Guest Access network.  This field will be hidden if Open is the security type selected in the Type option.
NOTE:  Settings may vary between different router models.  The example shown below when accessing the Guest Access setting is through the Security link:

User-added image
User-added image

Step 8:
Click Apply Changes after setting your preferences.
You should now have successfully configured the guest network.


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