What is the Product Number of my Belkin Device

Oftentimes, a product will have several numbers printed on it.  Use the table below to help determine the product number of most Belkin devices.

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locations of the different Belkin products’ model, version, and serial numbers, click here.

NOTE:  If your product is not on the list and you can’t find the product number on its sticker or on the device itself, try to check its package or box’s exterior sides and look for its barcode section and/or sticker.

Product type

Model number begins with
Networking (Routers, Adapters, Powerline, Access Points, etc.) F5D, F6D, F7D, F9K,  AW, or DX
KVM Switches                                                      F1D
USB & FirewireF5U, F4U, F3U
Universal Power Supplies (UPSes) F6C, F6H
iPhone and iPod AccessoriesF8
Laptop Hardgoods (Power Adapters, Cooling Fans, etc.)F4U
Laptop Softgoods (Cases, Sleeves, etc.)F5L, F8N
PUREAV Power ConsolesAP
PUREAV Surge ProtectorsF9A
Bluetooth AdaptersF8T
Audio / Video CablesF8V
Commercial & EnterpriseAV360, WV, F4P
Power (Power Strips, Surge Protectors, etc.)AG, AS, BE, BU, BG, BP, BZ, F9D, F9G, F9H, F9M, or F9S

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