How to pair Belkin earbuds using the Belkin SoundForm app

The Belkin SoundForm™ app enhances the capabilities of the Belkin AUC003 and AUC007. To pair it to the Belkin SoundForm app, follow the steps below.

The Belkin SoundForm Immerse is used in the examples below.

1. Open the Belkin SoundForm app and then remove your Belkin earbuds from the charging case. After a moment, the earbuds will enter into pairing mode and your Belkin SoundForm app will recognize them. Tap on Connect to continue.

2. Your device may prompt you to allow pairing with the Belkin earbuds. If this happens, tap on Pair to allow pairing to continue.

3. Once paired, you will receive a success message and can now use your earbuds with this device. You can also navigate through the Belkin SoundForm app to customize multiple settings on your Belkin earbuds.

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