How to add the Wemo Stage WSC010 to your Apple Home network

Adding your Wemo Stage Smart Scene Controller, WSC010 to your Apple® Home network is simple and performed entirely with the Apple Home app.  The Home app comes preinstalled on all new iOS and macOS® devices.  If you don’t have the Home app installed on your device, click here for instructions on how to download the free app.

Before you begin
  • The Wemo WSC010 includes a CR2032 coin cell battery in the package and you must place it into the unit before you start the setup process.  To know how to install the battery, click here.
  • If your device doesn’t support Near Field Communication (NFC), you must have the HomeKit® code of your Wemo WSC010.  To know where to locate the HomeKit code of your Wemo WSC010, click here.
  • The Wemo WSC010 requires a home hub to function.

Adding your Wemo WSC010 to your Home using NFC

NOTE:   NFC setup requires an iPhone® that supports NFC.  If you do not have an iPhone that supports NFC, use the HomeKit code setup method.

Step 1:  Press any of the three buttons of the Wemo WSC010 to make sure that it is in setup mode.  The status light will flash yellow and green.  If the light only flashes green, you may need to perform a factory restore first.

QUICK TIP:  To know how to factory restore the Wemo WSC010, click

Step 2:  Open the Home app on your iOS device and tap on the plus sign located on the top-right hand corner of the app.

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Step 3:  Choose Add Accessory.

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Step 4:  Hold the Wemo WSC010 within an inch or less from the back of your iPhone.  Depending upon your phone model, you may need to hold it near the center or top edge for the NFC to work.
NOTE:  If your device does not support NFC, use the Homekit Setup Code instead. 
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Step 5:  Once detected, tap on Add to Home to continue.
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Step 6:  The Home app will add your Wemo WSC010 to your Home account.  Keep your Wemo WSC010 close to the device you are using for setup.

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Step 7:  Once added, you can now configure your Wemo WSC010 to control Scenes and devices on your Home.

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NOTE:  If you receive a message saying you do not have a home hub, you will need to add one to your Home before you can configure the Wemo WSC010.
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