Using a Home hub to control your Wemo in the Apple Home app when you’re not home

The Apple® Home app makes setting up and controlling your HomeKit®-enabled smart devices a breeze.  With a Home hub, you can control your HomeKit devices while you are away from home.  To control your devices remotely, a Home hub-compatible device must be connected to the same network as your HomeKit devices.  This article will walk you through on how to control your HomeKit-enabled devices remotely.

Home hub compatible devices
  • Apple TV®
  • HomePod®
  • HomePod Mini
  • iPad®

For the latest list of Home hub-compatible devices, click here.

Set up Apple TV, HomePod or HomePod Mini as a Home hub

Apple TV, HomePod and HomePod mini devices are automatically registered as a Home hub when connected to your Wi-Fi.  As long as one of these devices is connected to the network, your HomeKit enabled devices are ON, and your iOS device is signed into the same Apple ID with your Home hub, you will be able to see and control your devices remotely.


Set up iPad as a Home hub    

If you don’t have an Apple TV, a HomePod or a HomePod Mini, you can use an iPad as a Home hub.  This iPad needs to be connected to the same Wi-Fi as your HomeKit devices and remain there to control them remotely.  If the iPad is turned OFF or removed from the network, you will not be able to control your HomeKit enabled devices while remote.

Step 1:  On your iPad, tap on Settings to open the settings app.

Step 2:  Tap on your name.

Step 3:  Tap on iCloud to open the iCloud settings menu.

Step 4:  Ensure that iCloud is turned ON and your iPad is using the same Apple ID with your HomeKit devices.

Step 5:  Scroll down to Home and make sure it is turned ON.

Step 6:  Go back to the main Settings menu and tap on Home.

Step 7:  Tap on Use this iPad as a Home Hub.

Your iPad will now act as a Home hub and allow your HomeKit enabled devices to be controlled remotely.  

NOTE:  The iPad must be powered ON and remain on the same Wi-Fi to act as a Home hub otherwise your HomeKit enabled devices will not be available for remote control.


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