How to link Wemo devices to your Wemo account

Question:  Why is my Wemo app saying that I have unlinked Wemo® devices?

Answer:  When launching the Wemo app that is connected to your Wi-Fi, it will scan to see if there are unlinked Wemo devices on the network.  If there are unlinked Wemo devices, you will be prompted to add them to your Wemo account.  This will happen in the following scenarios:
  • A Wemo device that was set up via Apple HomeKit® (and not the Wemo app) is found.
  • A Wemo device that was set up before Wemo accounts were in use was reconnected to the network.
  • The Wemo network has not been linked to a Wemo account.

NOTE:  Steps and images may vary depending on your device's operating system.  In the examples below, an iOS device is used. 

Linking Wemo devices to the Wemo account
Step 1:  Log in to your Wemo account.  To learn how, click here.

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Step 2:  The Wemo app will then scan your network to check if there are unlinked Wemo devices.  If it finds any unlinked Wemo devices, you will find a message at the bottom section of Devices.  Tap on it to begin the linking process.

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Step 3:  On the Link to Account screen, the unlinked Wemo devices will be displayed.   You will have two options:
1.  Tap the Link to Account button if you want to link the Wemo devices to the Wemo account you are logged in to.
2.  Tap These aren’t my Wemos if you don't want to link these devices and wish to proceed to the Devices section.

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IMPORTANT:  When you have linked these Wemo devices to a Wemo account, stored rules will be erased on the Wemo devices.  You will need to recreate the rules.

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