Troubleshooting tips for the Wemo Light Switch

If you are having trouble with your Wemo® Light Switch after installation, check the following troubleshooting tips.

The Wemo App is not finding my Light Switch during setup

Make sure your Light Switch is powered ON and the ring light is blinking BLUE.  If it is not blinking BLUE, these tips might help.

  1.  If the ring light is OFF or solid WHITE, the Light Switch may already be connected to your Wi-Fi.  Close and reopen the Wemo App while connected to your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band (same as your Light Switch).
  2.  Still not seeing your Light Switch?  Restore Light Switch to factory settings.  See how

My Wi-Fi doesn’t appear in the Wemo App

Do you have at least two Wi-Fi bars on your smartphone?  If not, you may be experiencing some interference.

  1.   Close the Wemo App and restart your router.  Reopen the Wemo App.
  2.   If your Wi-Fi is still not showing up in the Wemo App, you may not have a strong Wi-Fi signal in the area where you are installing the Wemo Light Switch.  We recommend either installing the Light Switch in an area where there is a strong signal or upgrading your router to provide adequate Wi-Fi coverage.

The Wemo App keeps crashing and/or freezing
  1.   Force quit and reopen the Wemo App.
  2.   If that didn’t work, delete the app, reinstall it, and open it again.

Replacing a router or changing Wi-Fi name

If you get a new router or change your Wi-Fi name and/or password, you can connect to the new Wi-Fi without losing your Wemo Light Switch’s settings.
  1.   Press and hold the bar underneath the ON/OFF switch.
  2.   Keep pressing until the ring light turns BLUE, then release.
  3.   Open the Wemo App to set up and connect your Wemo Light Switch to Wi-Fi.

Some other problem with your Wemo Light Switch
  1.   Wi-Fi can be finicky and many problems are solved with a simple power cycle.  Unplug your router, wait 10 seconds and plug it back in.
  2.   If that doesn’t work, restore your Wemo Light Switch to factory defaults.
  • Press and hold the bar underneath the ON/OFF switch.
  • Keep pressing until the ring light turns RED, then release.
  • When the ring light turns BLUE, it is ready for setup.
If you are still having trouble, call 1-844-745-WEMO for support.

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