Meet the Wemo App for Android

The Wemo App lets you control your home appliances and electronics through your Wemo® devices using an Android™ phone or tablet.  Whether you want to turn OFF a light from bed, turn ON a fan from the couch, or make sure your lights are ON before you come home at night, the Wemo App will work for you.
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NOTE:  Your Wemo device must be successfully set up before you can configure it using the Wemo App.  To learn how, click here.

What can you do with it?
You Make The Rules

The Wemo App allows you to set Rules for your Wemo devices to follow such as turning ON the lights in the evening so you never come home to a dark house again.
Control It Remotely

Using your Wemo Account, you can turn ON your Wemo from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.  If you do not have an Account yet, you will need to create one.  For instructions, click here.


How can I get it?

You can download the Wemo App for free on Google Play™ where you can also find reviews and up-to-date information on compatibility.

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App Features
The Devices section

The Devices section is where you manage your Wemo devices.  This section of your Wemo App is where all devices linked to your Wemo Account are located.  You can check the status, turn your devices ON and OFF, as well as control and make changes to your Wemo devices on this screen.  To know more, click here.

NOTE:  Some routers have maximum number of supported devices or their network may limit the number of Wemo devices that can connect.  Therefore, you may see other devices disconnect from your network.

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The Rules List
Another feature of your Wemo is the ability to create Rules to automate its functionality.  Using the Wemo App, you can create Rules for your Wemo device to follow.  All the enabled and disabled Rules you have created for your Wemo devices will be listed here.  To learn more, click here.

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The More section
Tapping on the User-added image icon at the top-right side of the Devices page will take you to the More section of your Wemo App.  There are multiple options for you to work with for your Wemo network:
  • My Account:  This option allows you to view or change your name, email address, and password.  You can also log out or close your Wemo Account in this section.
  • Firmware Update:  This option allows you to check if there is a firmware update available.  If an update is available, a Get Update option will be visible.
  • Settings & About:  This option allows you to check the Wemo App version and hardware information of your Wemo devices.
  • Connect to our Smart Home Partners:  Tap this to control your Wemos with any or all of our Smart Home Partners.
  • Tutorials:  Tap here for troubleshooting tips in animated form.
  • Support Articles:  This will take you to our support site, the same one you are visiting now.
  • Get In Touch With Us:  Tap this for information on how to get in touch with us to provide feedback, ask a question, or get technical support.
  • Rate Wemo:  Like the App?  Tap here to leave a review on the Google Play store for other users to view.

Got questions?  We’ve got answers!
Q:  Do I need the Wemo App running all the time for my Wemo devices to work?
A:  No, the Wemo App is only needed when you want to make a change to the Wemo or to control a Wemo via Wi-Fi or remote.
Q:  Can I control Wemo through a web interface?
A:  No. 
Q:  Can I use one Wemo App to control multiple locations?
A:  Yes.  A single Wemo App can control Wemo devices in multiple locations linked to the Wemo Account.

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