Setting up the Wemo® Bridge, F7C074 with Apple® Home app

Setting up your Wemo® Bridge, F7C074 allows you to control Wemo devices through the Apple® Home app.  Experience the convenience and ease in controlling your Wemo devices with the help of Siri® voice commands.

Once the Wemo Bridge is installed on your network, any supported devices set up before or after will be shown in the Apple Home app.
IMPORTANT:  Only one Wemo Bridge is supported per home.

Follow the instructions below to learn how to set up your Wemo Bridge.
Step 1:  Plug in the ethernet cable of your Wemo Bridge to your router.
Step 2:  Power ON the Wemo Bridge.
NOTE:  You can use the supplied micro USB cable with the power adapter to connect to a power outlet, or if your router has an available USB 3.0 port, connect the USB cable from the Wemo Bridge directly to the USB 3.0 port of your router.
Step 3:  Wait for the light on the Wemo Bridge to blink white and orange.

Step 4:  Open the Apple Home app on your Apple device.

Step 5:  You may be prompted to enable iCloud®.  If this happens, tap Enable iCloud.
Step 6:  Tap Get Started.

Step 7:  Tap Allow to allow Location services for setting up Scenes or Home Automation.

Step 8:  Tap Add Accessory to add your Wemo Bridge.

Step 9:  Scan the Apple HomeKit™ Code located under your Wemo Bridge.
NOTE:  If your device can’t scan your code, tap Don’t Have a Code or Can’t Scan? to manually enter the code.

Step 10:  The device will look for your Wemo Bridge.  Once it’s found, select it to continue.  
NOTE:  If the Wemo Bridge can’t be detected, reset it.  To learn more, click here.

Step 11:  Once your Wemo Bridge has been added, you can customize the device by changing the name, icon, etc.  When you’re done, tap Next.
NOTE:  If you have existing Wemo devices in your network, the Apple Home app will start auto detecting these devices.  If not, a message saying Additional Setup Required will show up.  Tap Next and proceed to the Wemo App.

Step 12:  Tap Done to complete the setup.
QUICK TIP:  You can rename the Wemo devices or change the room location anytime after setup.  Doing so requires you to sync the names to the Wemo App.  Simply open the Wemo App and allow the changes.
You have now set up your Wemo Bridge through the Apple Home app.  Any new Wemo setup on your network will automatically join your Apple Home app so you no longer have to do any additional setup with the Wemo Bridge.

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